Beginner’s Guide to Baseball

If you are new to baseball, here are some of our best articles to help you begin to understand the game. We strive to provide helpful articles to help you grow as a sports fan.

Understanding Baseball Positions – This guide is more than just positions on a field. In this Baseball Position guide we spend over 5500 words explaining layout and responsibilities of each position, and what types of athlete it takes to be effective at each position.

What Do Baseball Managers Do – Wondering what exactly is the role of the baseball manager? What do they do on a daily basis and how do they get their team ready to play? This article takes a deep dive into the roles and responsibilities of baseball managers.

Understand Baseball Pitches – Pitching in baseball is very complex and is much more than just throwing a baseball towards home plate. There are strategies involved, including different types of pitches. In this pitching guide we spend over 9000 words explaining to you the most common types of pitches in baseball, how they move, and how pitchers use them.

Length of a Baseball Game – Headed out to the park to see a game? Perhaps you are wondering exactly how long you can expect to be at a baseball game. This guide covers the approximate length of baseball at all levels, from youth baseball all the way to Major League Baseball.

Why is Baseball So Boring? – Baseball has many loyal and passionate fans. But to some sports fans, baseball is too slow and boring. In this article, we discuss some of the challenges that Major League Baseball faces, and the changes they are trying to make to re-engage America’s sports fans.