About Us

Sports Fan Focus was created to serve as an online resource for sports fans, providing informational helpful articles about football, basketball, baseball, golf, fantasy, and tailgating.

Our site is created by life long passionate sports fans who follow sports closely and can provide first-hand experience and knowledge regarding the issues that surround sports.

Here is a list of content that we provide on Sports Fan Focus:

  • Jersey Reviews – Size and fit guides (with pictures and examples) and details about how the jerseys change from year to year. We buy the jerseys and review them so that you have a better understanding of how they fit.
  • Fantasy Advice – Our goal is to provide a basic understanding about fantasy for those new to fantasy sports. We provide information on both season-long and daily fantasy sports.
  • Tailgating Tips – We provide information regarding the best equipment to use at your next tailgate as well as information-based articles like how to setup up a TV or Wifi at your tailgate party.
  • Sports – We create information-based articles on basketball, football, baseball, and golf that can help sports fans of all levels of experience to learn more about the game they love.


Sports Fan Focus was founded by Joshua Lloyd and Paul Johnson, two life-long friends who share a passion about sports. Sports Fan Focus is owned by VFK Digital LLC.