NFL Nike Legend Jersey Review (How Mine Fit w/ Pictures)

This is a Nike Legend Jersey review. The Nike Legend is one of the most unique fan jerseys that Nike offers. If you are searching for a Nike NFL fan jersey, these are your options (affiliate links take you to

  • Nike Legend – The Nike Legend is unique compared to other NFL jerseys. It fits almost like a standard t-shirt, and is more affordable than other jerseys. I was a bit shocked how much I liked the fit. True to size. Lightweight, and easy to wear. Click here to view the Nike Legend jerseys at is the official online shop of the NFL.
  • Nike Game – The Nike Game jerseys are popular fan jerseys due to price point. They have the true look of a jersey, but are replicas, which means they are a bit more affordable than premium jerseys. Relaxed fit, but true to size. These jerseys are a good option if you are looking for a Nike jersey on a tight budget. Click here to view the Nike Game jerseys at
  • Nike Limited – The Nike Limited Vapor jerseys are my favorite jersey. Vapor style has clean front with seams converging in back. Sits flat against body. This jersey has stitched numbers and graphics. Awesome jersey, with a great fit and some premium finishes. More affordable than the Elite authentic jerseys. True to size. Click here to view the Nike Limited jerseys at
  • Nike Elite – These are the authentic NFL jerseys, and the closest you can get as a fan to wearing what the players wear on the field. The fit will be slimmer than other jerseys, mimicking the athletic fit of the players’ jerseys. The Elite jerseys have all the premium finishes, including stitched graphics and authentic paneling. Click here to view the Nike Elite jerseys at
  • NFL Pro Line Jersey – The NFL Pro Line Jersey is not made by Nike. It is a more affordable replica jersey, which might be a nice option if you are on a tight budget. This jersey has a baggy, loose fit, and you may need to size it down. Click here to view Pro Line jerseys at

Before we start the Nike Legend jersey review, if you are looking for quick jersey advice, I own and review all the NFL jersey types. My favorite is the Limited Vapor jersey. Click here to view the Limited Vapor jersey at (affiliate link takes you to

Even though the Nike Legend isn’t my top jersey, it is actually my second favorite (more on that below). I was actually shocked how much I liked it.

First, you need to understand that the Nike Legend jersey is very different than the other fan jerseys on the market today. The Nike Legend jersey is more of a hybrid jersey/shirt – almost like a polyester shirsey.

To call it a shirsey may not be completely accurate because typically most shirseys are made of cotton, and the Nike Legend uses 100% polyester, so from a material perspective, it does feel like a true jersey. In this Nike Legend jersey review, let’s take a closer look at the design and fit.


Nike Legend Price

One cool thing about the Nike Legend is it is very affordable compared to other jerseys. This is the current price of the Nike Legend jerseys at (affiliate link takes you to

If you are in the market for a cheaper option that still allows you to rep your favorite team and player, then the Nike Legend can be a great option for you, just be aware that it feels a lot like a t-shirt when you put it on.

And if I’m honest, when I first bought the Nike Legend I was a bit skeptical whether or not I would like it, but I was actually pleasantly surprised (and actually probably liked its fit more than any of the other fan jerseys on the market).

We will begin this Nike Legend jersey review by talking about the sizing and fit, then later in the article I will show you pictures of the one I own and discuss how it compares to other fan jerseys.

Nike Legend Jersey Sizing and Fit

The Nike Legend jersey fits true to size and is actually my favorite fit out of all NFL jerseys. It would get my overall jersey recommendation if it were not for the fact (as previously mentioned) that the Nike Legend is more of a shirsey than a jersey.

Therefore, my recommendation for best fan jersey is the Nike Limited Vapor Untouchable. But the Nike Legend jerseys are another very cool way to rep a favorite player or team. Here is a look at mine (size medium 6’3″ 200):


The Nike Legend, in my opinion, fits true to size. It fits comfortably through the chest and shoulders, and one thing I really like about the cut on this jersey is the sleeves are well done.

If you have read any of my jersey reviews, you will know that one thing I often complain about is how obnoxiously long the sleeves are on some NFL fan jerseys. The Nike Legend jersey gets the sleeves cut at a perfect length.

But to be completely accurate, I also want to paste here how the Nike Legend is described on the official product page at “Regular Fit: Not too slim, not too loose. Designed with a relaxed fit through shoulders, chest and waist.

The collar is well-made so stretching should not be much of an issue unless you overdo it. I am 6’3″ 200 pounds and the overall length of the Nike Legend is fine for me even though I am tall. I don’t foresee length being an issue except for extreme circumstances.

Again, with the cut and fit of the Nike Legend, I see no reason to size up or down – however if you prefer a very relaxed, loose fit, you probably should size up. Here is a look at a size medium Nike Legend jersey on me (again, I am 6’3″ 200 lbs). Also, here is a photo of me wearing a medium t-shirt for reference:


As you can see the overall length of the size medium falls a couple inches past the waistline even for me at 6’3″. The sleeves fall about halfway down the arm and are not too long or too short – a perfect sleeve cut.

The material is 100% polyester made with Nike Dri-Fit technology, which makes it very comfortable to wear. One other advantage of this jersey (compared to the other fan jerseys on the market) is it is absent of embroidered seam lines.

After owning and reviewing 6 different NFL jersey types, I was quite shocked at how much sizing differs from jersey to jersey. For example, a size medium in an NFL Pro Line jersey is so much larger than a size medium in a Nike Legend jersey.

Take a look at these two jerseys – believe it or not, these are both size mediums (bottom NFL Pro Line – top Nike Legend):


And there’s an example in the NFL Pro Line jersey on the bottom of just how large the sleeve length and sleeve size can be in some jerseys.

The Nike Legend really does a nice job with sleeve length and sleeve fit, so if you decide to buy a Nike Legend jersey, you will likely be pleased with the sleeves.

Here is one issue with the Nike Legend jersey at – when you click on the official size chart listed on the product page, it pulls up the basic Nike jersey size charts, but Nike Legend is not listed. So, to my knowledge, there is no official size chart available at for the Nike Legend (this may be updated).

So I took my own measurements for the medium Nike Legend I own. The length from top of back collar to bottom hem was approximately 29.5 inches, and across the chest was approximately 19 inches. Again, those are not official sizes from the manufacturer, those are just the numbers I pulled from my own measurements of the size medium here:


So, as a review, here are the 3 main takeaways from the Nike Legend jersey sizing and fit:

  • Size – The Nike Legend runs true to size and so you will likely not need to size up or size down.
  • Fit – The Nike Legend is a slimmer cut, that fits nicely across the chest and shoulders, and has a nice overall sleeve length and sleeve fit. If you prefer loose, baggy fits you will need to size up.
  • Comfort – The Nike Legend is made with Nike Dri Fit technology, is 100% polyester, and doesn’t have the embroidered seam lines that other fan jerseys have, making it overall a very comfortable fit.

Nike Legend Jersey Review: Features

As mentioned previously, the Nike Legend is not like other NFL fan jerseys. It is more of a hybrid jersey/shirt combo, basically like a shirsey.

As I said earlier in the article, I hesitate to call it a shirsey because it is made of 100% polyester (instead of cotton like most shirseys), so the polyester material does give it the feel of a jersey.

Jersey or shirsey, regardless, it is a nice piece of fan apparel, and honestly, it fits better than a lot of the other fan jerseys on the market (and also has a more budget-friendly price point). Just know that because the cost is a bit lower on the Nike Legend jersey, that means that you won’t have all the premium jersey finishes that you would find in, for example, a Nike Elite jersey.

Here are some of the notable features of the Nike Legend jersey:

  • Material is 100% Polyester
  • Made with Dri-FIT ® technology
  • Fully Sublimated names, numbers, and graphics
  • Streamlined fit
  • Woven jock tag
  • NFL shield at front collar
  • Tagless Collar
  • Machine washable

Nike Legend Jersey Pictures

We have already covered some of my photos of the Nike Legend jersey, but here is a total collection so that you can have a better idea of how it fits and how it looks:



On the front of the jersey you can see the NFL shield at the collar and the woven jock tag sewn to the bottom right of the jersey.





Close-up look at one of the front numbers. The Nike Legend uses sublimation printing (which I am a fan of) – sublimation is a process of transferring dye to a garment using heat. The benefit of this type of printing is you don’t end up with screen printed graphics that sit on top of the garment like paint. The sublimation process allows the ink to become part of the fabric which causes the graphic to last a lot longer in comparison to older techniques of screen printing.


A look at the name on the back of the Nike Legend jersey – also done using sublimation printing.



Close-up look at the shield on the front collar, which you can see is stitched onto the jersey.


Nike Legend Jersey Summary

Overall, this is probably my second favorite NFL fan jersey behind the Nike Limited Vapor. Before you purchase the Nike Legend I would suggest you at least check out the Nike Limited Vapors to see if you think it would work for you – you can view Nike Limited Vapors at by clicking on this link (affiliate).

Here are the 4 main takeaways regarding the Nike Legend jersey:

  • More of a shirsey than a true jersey.
  • Slim, comfortable fit that runs true to size.
  • In my opinion, best fitting fan jersey, but because it lacks the premium finishes, I rank it overall 2nd behind the Nike Limited Vapor.
  • One of the most budget-friendly jersey options

Where To Buy?

This is where you can browse the Nike Legend jerseys available at to see if your favorite player is in stock (affiliate link takes you to If you want to read more of our football jersey reviews and comparison articles, you can visit our jersey resources page by clicking on this link.

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