Are Swingman Jerseys Stitched? (Answer w/ Photos)

If you are shopping for a Swingman NBA jersey, you are probably wondering about quality and design. Shopping online can make it hard to tell what jerseys are stitched, and which ones are not. Are Swingman jerseys stitched?

No, Nike Swingman jerseys are not stitched. Nike Swingman jerseys have screen-printed graphics. If you are looking for a stitched Nike NBA jersey, you will need to buy a Nike Authentic jersey – click here to view the Nike Authentic jerseys at (affiliate link takes you to

Mitchell & Ness also makes NBA swingman jerseys, and they do used stitched graphics, but they only make throwback jerseys. If you are shopping for a jersey, here are your options:

  • Fanatics Fast Break – Not Stitched (view)
  • Nike Swingman – Not Stitched (view)
  • Nike Authentic – Stitched (view)
  • Mitchell & Ness Swingman – Stitched* (view)
  • Mitchell & Ness Authentic – Stitched* (view)

**Please note Mitchell & Ness makes only classic throwback jerseys. Because they make throwbacks, the actual design may vary from jersey to jersey. ‘View’ links above are affiliate links that take you to (info).

In this article let’s take a closer look at the graphics of the NBA jerseys so you have a better idea which one makes the most sense for you. If you want to read more about how NBA jerseys fit, visit our NBA Jersey Sizing Guide.


Are Swingman Jerseys Stitched?

No, Nike Swingman jerseys are not stitched. As we discussed earlier, the Nike Swingman jerseys use screen-printed graphics. Mitchell & Ness Swingman jerseys do have stitched graphics. Let’s discuss your options below.

Nike Swingman

Nike makes jerseys for current NBA players (Mitchell & Ness only makes throwbacks). A Swingman jersey is a replica NBA jersey (meaning it isn’t authentic).

In general, replica jerseys lack some of the premium design features of the authentic jerseys. This allows production costs to remain lower so that the jersey itself can be sold at a more affordable price point than the authentic jerseys.

Although the Nike Swingman jerseys don’t have authentic, stitched graphics, they still are a great way to rep your favorite team or player, especially if operating on a budget.

Overall, the Nike Swingman jerseys look quite similar to the Nike Authentic jerseys, just lack a few of the premium features (like embroidered graphics and authentic paneling etc).

Here is a look at my Nike Swingman (right) compared to my Nike Authentic (left):


As you can see, there is a difference in length, along with a few other minor design differences, but overall the jerseys are similar in how they look. The graphics, however, are different. The Authentic has the embroidered graphics, and the Swingman has the screen-printed graphics.

Nike Swingman graphics:


Nike Authentic graphics:


If you want stitched graphics for a current NBA player, you will need to stick with the Nike Authentic jerseys. The Nike Authentic jerseys are the closest you can get as a fan to wearing what the players wear on the court.

The Nike Swingman jerseys serve as a more-affordable alternative. Although they don’t have stitched graphics, they still have a similar look to the authentic jerseys. Choosing which one is best for you will come down to cost vs quality.

  • Nike Swingman: Click here to shop for Nike Swingman NBA jerseys at (affiliate link takes you to is the official online store of the NBA.

Mitchell & Ness Swingman

Mitchell & Ness makes classic throwbacks. If you are looking for the jersey of a current NBA player, you will need to stick with Nike or Fanatics.

Just like with Nike, Mitchell & Ness makes two tiers of jerseys: Swingman and Authentic. The authentic jerseys are the more premium version.

But one cool thing that Mitchell & Ness does is they do use stitched graphics in their Swingman jerseys (remember, Nike does not use stitched graphics on Swingman jerseys).

Here is a look at the stitched graphics on the Mitchell & Ness Swingman jersey that I own:


As you can see, my Mitchell & Ness Swingman jersey has sewn-on numbers and letters, and has an embroidered NBA logo and a throwback jock tag. Overall, this makes for great value.

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Where to Buy NBA Jerseys

This is where you can browse the jerseys at (affiliate link takes you to Because there are potentially fake jerseys on the re-sale market, we always recommend you to buy your jerseys from a reputable source like, which is the official online shop of the NBA. To read more about how Swingman and Authentic jerseys compare, visit our article Swingman vs Authentic.

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