Which Baltimore Orioles Jerseys are Stitched? [Authentic Explained]

It can be difficult to understand the differences between replica jerseys and authentic jerseys. If you are interested in an Orioles stitched jersey that has the real embroidered graphics, then you will want to buy an Orioles authentic jersey. There are two main types of MLB jerseys. Quickly, here’s what you need to know:

  • Nike Authentic Jerseys – These are the stitched Orioles jerseys. This is is the closest you can get to wearing what the Baltimore Orioles players wear. Embroidered graphics and authentic paneling. This is the most premium MLB fan jersey you can buy. Click here to view these Orioles Authentic jerseys at MLBShop.com (paid affiliate link takes you to MLBShop.com).
  • Nike Replica Jerseys – These replica jerseys are not stitched. They are a more affordable alternative to the Authentic jerseys. Although they look very similar, they don’t have all the premium finishes that the Authentic jerseys have. These replica jerseys have heat-sealed graphics. Great if you are on a tighter budget. Click here to view these Orioles Replica jerseys at MLBShop.com (paid affiliate link takes you to MLBShop.com).

In this article let’s take a closer look at the stitched Orioles jerseys so you can have a better idea what to expect. We will also link out to our other MLB jersey resources in case you want to read more about these jerseys.

Authentic Baltimore Orioles Stitched Jerseys

Which Orioles Jersey is Stitched?

As we discussed above, the Nike Authentic MLB jerseys are the MLB jerseys that have authentic embroidery. Most teams offer their authentic jersey to fans in the home, road, and alternate colors so you can choose which one you prefer.

For example, here’s what the home version of the Orioles Authentic Jersey looks like:

This is the current price of this authentic Orioles jerseys available at MLBShop.com (paid affiliate link takes you to MLBShop.com). Because these are the stitched Orioles jerseys, they will be more expensive.

These Nike Authentic jerseys are quite popular and coveted by many baseball fans. As we discussed earlier, this is the closest you can get as a fan to wearing what the Orioles players wear on the field.

These Orioles Authentic Jerseys do have the mesh paneling on the back side of the jersey below the belt. I believe this is actually referred to as an “Air Belt”. Here’s a close look at the “Air Belt” mesh paneling on the bottom of a Nike Authentic MLB Jersey:


This “Air Belt” was incorporated in 2016 when MLB made changes to the jerseys based on, in part, input from the players. This mesh paneling increases air flow and reduces body heat for the players. And because the Authentic jerseys are made to mimic what the players wear on the field, your authentic Orioles jersey will also have this mesh paneling.

Are Replica Orioles Jerseys Authentic?

The Nike Replica jerseys are the more affordable option, and no they are not authentic. The replica jerseys will look very similar to the authentic jerseys, but have fewer premium design features, which keeps production costs down, and allows them to be sold at a more affordable price point.

This is the current price of the Orioles replica jerseys available at MLBShop.com (paid affiliate link takes you to MLBShop.com). No, these replica jerseys do not have the authentic embroidery, so if you are shopping for a stitched Orioles jersey, you will need to stick with the Nike Authentic Jerseys we discussed earlier.

The graphics on these replica jerseys are heat-sealed. Overall, the replicas still look very nice. And even though they aren’t authentic jerseys, this is still a cool way to rep your favorite player or team, especially if you are operating on a tight budget.

Authentic Orioles Jersey Sizing Information

Nike became the official outfitter of MLB in 2020. The previous outfitter was Majestic. Having owned both Majestic and Nike authentic jerseys, I can tell you that overall, the sizing is very similar.

In my experience, MLB jerseys do fit a little bit big, but I usually order my normal sizing. If you want to read more in-depth regarding sizing, visit our articles linked below:

Other Orioles Information

For more information regarding the Baltimore Orioles, visit our articles linked below:

Orioles Stitched Jersey Color Information

As we discussed earlier, the most all MLB teams will offer the Nike Authentic Jerseys to fans in the home, road, and alternate colors, but it is important to understand that availability can be an issue, especially during baseball season when sales increase.

  • Home: This is a white jersey with “Orioles” spelled out in orange cursive letters across the chest. The text slopes gently up from the right chest side to the left chest side, with the bottom of the “s” looping back and underlining the rest of the text. The font is lightly outlined in black. There is also an orange stripe on the sleeves with a thin black outline.
  • Away: A gray jersey with “Baltimore” spelled in orange cursive letters across the chest. Like the home jersey, the font slopes gently upward from right chest to left chest, with the “e” looping back to underline the entire text. It has the same orange stripe with black outline on the sleeves.
  • Alternate: The Orioles also have a handful of alternate jersey choices. Most of them use the same style and font layout as the home jerseys, with “Orioles” written in cursive across the chest at an upward slope. The most common color scheme will be a black jersey with orange font or an orange jersey with black font.

Just remember, the authentic Orioles jersey will be the stitched Orioles jersey.

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