NFL Nike Elite Vapor Untouchable Jersey Review: How Mine Fit

This is a Nike Elite Vapor Jersey review. Nike Elite Vapor jerseys are considered by many to be the most premium NFL fan jersey. If you are shopping for a Nike NFL fan jersey, you do have several options across multiple price tiers. Here’s what you need to know (affiliate links take you to

  • Nike Legend – The Nike Legend is unique compared to other NFL jerseys. It fits almost like a standard t-shirt, and is more affordable than other jerseys. I was a bit shocked how much I liked the fit. True to size. Lightweight, and easy to wear. Click here to view the Nike Legend jerseys at is the official online shop of the NFL.
  • Nike Game – The Nike Game jerseys are popular fan jerseys due to price point. They have the true look of a jersey, but are replicas, which means they are a bit more affordable than premium jerseys. Relaxed fit, but true to size. These jerseys are a good option if you are looking for a Nike jersey on a tight budget. Click here to view the Nike Game jerseys at
  • Nike Limited – The Nike Limited Vapor jerseys are my favorite jersey. Vapor style has clean front with seams converging in back. Sits flat against body. This jersey has stitched numbers and graphics. Awesome jersey, with a great fit and some premium finishes. More affordable than the Elite authentic jerseys. True to size. Click here to view the Nike Limited jerseys at
  • Nike Elite – These are the authentic NFL jerseys, and the closest you can get as a fan to wearing what the players wear on the field. The fit will be slimmer than other jerseys, mimicking the athletic fit of the players’ jerseys. The Elite jerseys have all the premium finishes, including stitched graphics and authentic paneling. Click here to view the Nike Elite jerseys at
  • NFL Pro Line Jersey – The NFL Pro Line Jersey is not made by Nike. It is a more affordable replica jersey, which might be a nice option if you are on a tight budget. This jersey has a baggy, loose fit, and you may need to size it down. Click here to view Pro Line jerseys at

This is the jersey (Nike Limited Vapor) from that I recommend as best fan jersey – in my opinion it has the best combination of fit, comfort, style and price (affiliate link takes you to

But even though the Elite Vapor is not my favorite jersey, it still is a great option. It is an authentic jersey, and it has the most athletic cut out of all the available fan jerseys. Here is a look at mine:


But please understand that this athletic fit isn’t necessarily for everyone. This Nike Elite Vapor jersey review will give you an idea of my experience with this Elite Vapor jersey.

It is also important to understand that there are two types of Nike Elite jerseys: the regular Nike Elite and the Nike Elite Vapor Untouchable. Both are considered to be “authentic” jerseys.


These two different versions of the Nike Elite jersey have significant differences in style and fit, which we will detail at some length in this review, but I also have a full article comparing the Elite vs Elite Vapor. Also, if you want even more information about the regular Nike Elite jersey, visit my Nike Elite Jersey review.


Due to the premium design, the Elite jerseys are not cheap. This is the current price of the Nike Elite jerseys at (affiliate link takes you to

Also, if you want to explore any of our other jersey review and comparison articles, you can access our jersey resource page by clicking on this link. Let’s get this Nike Elite Vapor review started by talking about sizing and fit for this fan jersey.

Nike Elite Vapor Review: Sizing and Fit

The Nike Elite Vapor Untouchable is the most athletic fit of all the fan jerseys available. If you are looking for a slim, snug, athletic fit, this will be the jersey for you.

The Nike Elite Vapor Untouchable jerseys come with numerical sizing versus the standard small-medium-large sizing the other jerseys offer. Here is the size chart:


The Nike Elite Vapor Untouchable has a slim cut and a very snug fit. Despite that, in my opinion, it still fits true to size. But if you are in-between sizes, and prefer a little extra room, sizing up might not be a bad idea.

It is has a very athletic fit through the stomach, chest and shoulders. The official jersey page at describes the Nike Elite Vapor Untouchable as “an athletic cut that fits snug in the chest and shoulders.”

Although I don’t always agree with the official descriptions on fit, in this case regarding the Elite Vapor, I do agree (although I’d probably add it is slim through the stomach also).


Probably the most make-or-break feature of the jersey, from a buyer’s perspective, are the sleeves. If you have read all of my jersey reviews, you will know that I am at times critical of how obnoxiously long and oversized the sleeves are in some types of fan jerseys.

The Nike Elite Vapor Untouchable jerseys have fitted sleeves. These sleeves are authentic versions of the sleeves on the jerseys the players wear.

Discussing the sleeves was a priority of this review just because the sleeves on the Elite Vapor are likely to be the thing you notice first when you put the jersey on.

I personally don’t mind how they fit, but I just want to make sure you are aware of it before you commit to purchase. Here’s a look up close at the sleeves, and then another photo of me wearing the Elite Vapor:


Also of note is how cleanly the jersey fits. It lays flat against the stomach. This is due to it being a Vapor version.

Nike created the Vapor Untouchable version, in part, to reduce the amount of panels so that the players had less grab points when playing (source). This creates a design where the paneling converges in the center of the back and allows for a much smoother and comfortable fit from a fan’s perspective (in comparison to the regular Nike Elite jerseys).

And even though this jersey has an athletic, slim fit, it’s also important to note that it is made with stretch, woven fabric that still makes it comfortable to wear. It doesn’t feel like a straight jacket.

But again, just make sure you are comfortable with fitted sleeves that have an elastic cuff. I look at it like this from a buyer’s perspective:

  • If you don’t like your arm exposed, you’ll either need to layer (which is possible), or find a different jersey. My favorite fan jersey is actually the Nike Limited Vapor Untouchable. Still have the benefits of the Vapor Untouchable, but the Limited has a sleeve that is a bit longer. Check them out by clicking on this affiliate link to

I don’t want to say it is as simple as just focusing on the sleeves, but the sleeves are certainly unique on this jersey, so proceed accordingly. Here are your 3 main takeaways regarding the fit of the Nike Elite Vapor Untouchable:

  • Slim Cut – This jersey has a slim, “athletic” cut that will fit snug against your shoulders, chest, and stomach.
  • Size up – If you are in between sizes and do not like a slim fit, you will likely need to size up.
  • Sleeves – The sleeves are shorter than standard jerseys and have an elastic cuff that will fit snug against your upper arm. If you want to show off the arms, this jersey is perfect for you. If you don’t want to show off the arms, try another jersey or layer underneath.

Nike Elite Vapor Review: Features

Although both the regular Nike Elite and the Nike Elite Vapor Untouchable are described on the official NFL Shop jersey page as “Authentic on-field jersey of the pros”, there are some differences in features. For example, as noted above, the paneling of the Elite Vapor fits much smoother against the body.

If you’ve read my regular Nike Elite jersey review you will know that my main complaint about the regular Nike Elite is although it runs true to size, the paneling makes it push and bubble out around the chest. The Nike Elite Vapor Untouchable jersey does not have this problem, and lays smoothly against the chest.

Both the regular Nike Elite and the Nike Elite Vapor Untouchable are authentic jerseys that offer premium finishes. They offer features that the other fan jerseys simply do not. Here are some of the notable features of the Nike Elite Vapor Untouchable:

  • Material is 88% Nylon/12% Spandex on my jersey
  • Zone stretch fabric
  • Sewn-on numbers, name plate, and letters
  • Elastic sleeve band to mimic authentic look
  • Chainmaille Mesh Grill at both front neck and back seam lines
  • Laser perforations for breathability
  • Satin twill woven jock tag
  • Tagless collar, with metallic NFL shield at front collar
  • Machine washable

One other issue that is definitely worth mentioning is although the Vapor Elite jersey is machine washable, using a dryer is not recommended. Whether or not you choose to adhere to that advise, I will leave that up to you, but just know that if you do choose to tumble dry low heat using your dryer, you could possibly run into shrinking (or other) issues. Hang dry may be your best bet.

Nike Elite Vapor Untouchable Pictures

Here are pictures of the size 40 Saquon Barkley jersey that I own. I am 6’3″ tall and weigh 200 pounds.



As I said earlier in the article, the jersey fit nice and flat across the chest, stomach, and shoulders. This is due in large part to it being a Vapor Untouchable version.

The Vapor Untouchables were created by Nike, in part, to reduce the amount of panels that are on standard jerseys. For players, the panels can create grab points.

The Vapor Untouchable jerseys are created in a way where the paneling uniquely comes together in the center of the back of the jersey, allowing the jersey to lay comfortably flat in all other places. Also, even though it is a slim fit, the stretch woven fabric allows you to move comfortably. This jersey really does have premium construction and comfort.



If you look closely at the second picture above, you can see where the paneling comes together at the center of the back. It is hard to notice unless you look for it.



Another close up look at the center of the back where the paneling comes together. Also, a good look at the sewn-on numbers.



The numbers, letters, and logos are all sewn-on and done right. As you can see it also features the sewn-on name plate and Nike logo.



A close up look at the elastic sleeve cuff. Very athletic fit so make sure you are comfortable with it.



Close up look at the collar, which features a metallic NFL shield and the Chain-mail mesh grill at the front of the collar. Tagless back collar – the collar is made well and I don’t foresee stretching being an issue unless you overdo it.

Nike Elite Vapor Jersey Review Summary

The Elite jersey is the most athletic cut jersey, features a slim fit with fitted sleeves that have an elastic cuff. The jersey is made with stretch fabric which makes it a comfortable fit despite being slim and snug.

The Elite Vapor has premium finishes, and the Vapor panel-reduction allows the jersey to lay cleanly against the chest and shoulders.

Even though my personal recommendation for best fan jersey is the Nike Limited Vapor, the Nike Elite Vapor is also right near the top and would be a great addition to a fan collection since it is considered by many to be the best fan jersey on the market today.

If you want to check out our other jersey review and comparison articles, you can do so by clicking here to visit our jersey resource page.

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