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Before you shell out hundreds of dollars for your fan jersey there are several things you will want to know to make sure you do not waste your money, such as:

  • How Do They Fit?
  • Do They Run Small or Big?
  • What Are The Different Jersey Options?
  • How Can You Save Money on Jerseys?
  • Can You Machine Wash Them?

NFL Apparel Articles


Football jerseys have an extremely wide range of fits depending on the type of jersey you order. After owning and reviewing those 6 NFL jerseys types, this is the jersey from that I recommend – in my opinion it has the best combination of fit, comfort, quality and price (affiliate link takes you to

Here are links to our review and comparison articles for NFL fan jerseys so that you can be sure you are ordering the jersey that best fits your needs:

  • Best NFL Jersey to Buy – This is a buyer’s guide if you are looking for some help deciding which jersey is right for you. We discuss best jersey based on fit, quality and price, and also discuss the best jersey for women to buy.
  • Types of NFL Jerseys – If you are looking for a quick summary of all the types of NFL fan jerseys available, this article will be a good starting point for you. Included in the article are links to all of our jersey reviews in case you want to do more reading on a particular jersey.
  • Nike Elite Jersey Review – The Nike Elite jerseys are considered to be the gold-standard of fan jerseys due to the fact that they have the exact specifications of what the players wear on the field. They are the true on-field replicas. This makes them a premium option, but does make the fit of the jersey a bit different than other jerseys, so check out the review first.
  • Nike Elite Vapor Untouchable Jersey Review – The Nike Elite Vapor offers the premium finishes of the Nike Elite, but combines it with the athletic fit of the Vapor Untouchable, which limits the paneling and allows the jersey to lay cleanly against your chest, stomach, and shoulders.
  • NFL Pro Line Jersey Review – The NFL Pro Line jersey is one of the most affordable jersey options, but does run very baggy. I would recommend looking at the pictures in the review article before you purchase to make sure the sizing will work for you.
  • Nike Game Jersey Review – The Nike Game jersey is one of the most budget-friendly jerseys that Nike offers. It has a relaxed fit, but likely not so much so that you will need to size down. If you are in the market for an affordable way to rep your team, check out the Nike Game review to see if it works for you.
  • Nike Limited Jersey Review – The Nike Limited Vapor jerseys are my personal favorite fan jerseys. I think they have the best fit and I enjoy wearing the jersey since it is made with Nike Dri-Fit technology. I would suggest at least taking a look at the Limited Vapors before you make your final decision on jersey type.
  • Nike Legend Jersey Review – The Nike Legend is one of the most unique fan jerseys available on the market because it is more of a hybrid jersey/shirt – like a 100% polyester shirsey. Before you skim past and disregard it, let me say this: I thought it was the best as far as fit and comfort out of all the NFL jersey options.
  • Nike Game vs NFL Pro Line Jersey – This comparison article takes a look at two of the most budget-friendly jersey options, and includes pictures of both so that you can see how they fit (one of them is very baggy).
  • Nike Elite vs Nike Elite Vapor Untouchable – These are the two most premium fan jerseys on the market, but have significant design differences. If you are thinking about adding a premium fan jersey to your collection, I would suggest checking out this comparison article first to prepare for the differences.
  • Nike Elite vs Nike Game – The Nike Elite and Nike Game are two of the most popular NFL fan jerseys, but they have significant differences in price and design. If you are interested in these two jerseys, take a peak at this comparison article to see what some of those differences are.
  • Nike Legend vs Nike Game – The Nike Legend and Nike Game jerseys are two of the most affordable jerseys by Nike. If you are shopping on a budget, this might be a good place to start. These two jerseys have significant differences in how they fit. The Nike Legend is perhaps the most unique fan jersey due to its fit (which I really like).
  • Nike Elite vs Nike Limited – Many fans narrow their focus down to the Nike Elite and the Nike Limited jerseys due to the fact that both are premium options. Both of these jersey types also have Vapor Untouchable versions. The Nike Limited Vapor Untouchable jersey is my top choice for fan jerseys.
  • Nike Limited vs Nike Game – The Nike Game is one of the most affordable fan jersey options by Nike, and the Nike Limited is considered by many to be a more premium option. There is a lot to consider when comparing these jerseys: price, quality, fit all differ. As I have mentioned previously, the Nike Limited Vapor Untouchable jerseys are my top choice for NFL fan jerseys.
  • NFL Jersey Size Guide – Our NFL jersey size guide covers all types of NFL fan jerseys and gives a description of how they fit. This article is a perfect place to start if you are wanting to compare multiple types of NFL jerseys before narrowing your focus.

NBA Apparel Articles


There are five types of NBA fan jerseys:

  • Nike Swingman
  • Nike Authentic
  • Mitchell & Ness Swingman
  • Mitchell & Ness Authentic
  • Fanatics Fast Break

I own and review all five types of NBA jerseys. Out of those five, this is the jersey type that I recommend as best fan jersey due to its combination of price, style, and comfort (affiliate link takes you to

Here are links to our review and comparison articles for NBA fan apparel so that you can be sure you are ordering the jersey or jacket that best fits your needs:

  • Swingman vs Authentic – In this article we discuss Swingman vs Authentic jerseys for both Nike and Mitchell & Ness. We discuss sizing, price, and quality differences, and I include pictures of the jerseys that I own.
  • Basketball Jersey Sizes Compared to Shirts – Many fans often want to know how jersey sizing compares to regular t-shirts. In this article I compare all of the jerseys and NBA apparel that I own to regular t-shirts so that you can get a better understanding of how they fit.
  • Fast Break Jersey vs Swingman – In this article I compare the Fanatics Brand Fast Break jersey to the Nike Swingman jersey and the Mitchell & Ness Swingman jersey. These are three of the most affordable jerseys on the market, and many fans are curious about how they compare.
  • Mitchell and Ness NBA Jersey Sizing – In this article we answer how Mitchell & Ness NBA jerseys fit. Mitchell & Ness makes classic throwback jerseys. If you are interested in a throwback, I would advise you to read this article, because I did have to size up one of the jerseys.
  • What is a Swingman Jersey? – In this article we discuss what exactly Swingman jerseys are. There is both a Nike Swingman and a Mitchell & Ness Swingman. I show you photos of the jerseys I own so that you have a better understanding of what they offer.
  • Mitchell and Ness Authentic Jersey Review – This article is a review of the Mitchell & Ness Authentic jersey that I own. I had to size this jersey up. It was the only NBA jersey I had to size up. Mitchell & Ness makes classic throwback jerseys, and the Mitchell & Ness Authentics are some of the most coveted NBA fan jerseys.
  • Nike Courtside Jacket Review – This article reviews the NBA Nike Courtside Jacket, which is a team-inspired mid-weight jacket. It is a perfect jacket for the spring and fall months.
  • Nike Authentic NBA Jersey Review – The Nike Authentic jerseys are some of the most coveted jersey because they are engineered with the exact specifications of the players’ jerseys. This article reviews the jersey that I own so that you get an idea of what these jerseys offer.
  • How Do NBA Jerseys Fit? – Consider this the all-encompassing size guide for NBA apparel. We cover how NBA jerseys fit so that you know whether or not you need to size up or down. This is a good place to start if you are just browsing.
  • Fanatics Fast Break Jersey Review – The Fanatics Brand Fast Break jersey was the most affordable option on the market when I bought my jerseys. If you are looking for an affordable jersey, check this review out.
  • Mitchell and Ness Swingman Jersey Review – The Mitchell & Ness Swingman jerseys are throwback jerseys that are made in a way that makes them a bit more affordable than the Authentic jerseys. But if you have read any of my articles, you know that I consider this to be the jersey with the best value per dollar.
  • NBA Therma Flex Hoodie Review – The Nike Therma hoodie is the warmup hoodie you see NBA players wearing. Nike designed it when they took over the NBA contract because they saw a void in proper warm-up apparel. This hoodie is very comfortable to wear.
  • Nike Swingman Shorts Review – The Swingman shorts give you a way to rep your favorite NBA team in a pair of shorts. Visit the article to read my full review about how they fit and how I thought the overall quality was.
  • Nike Swingman Jersey Review – The Nike Swingman jersey is my recommendation for best fan jersey when you factor in price, comfort, and style. Read this review to find out how it fits and what kind of finishes you can expect on this jersey.

NHL Jersey Articles

There are 3 types of NHL jerseys available to fans:

  • Adidas Authentic
  • Adidas Practice
  • Fanatics Breakaway

In 2017, Adidas became the NHL’s official outfitter for on-ice uniforms and other licensed apparel.  One unique thing about the current NHL apparel contract is that Fanatics, not Adidas, has the contract for producing replica jerseys.

Authentic jerseys are as close as you can get to what the players wear on the ice. Replica jerseys are jerseys that look very similar to those authentic jerseys, but have a few less premium details so that the jersey can be sold at a more affordable price point than the authentic jerseys, giving fans more price options.

The Fanatics Breakaway replica jersey is my choice for best fan jersey. This is where you can check out the Fanatics Breakaway jerseys at (affiliate link takes you to

Here are our review and comparison articles for NHL fan jerseys:

  • How Do NHL Jerseys Fit? – This article goes over all 3 of the main types of NHL fan jerseys and how they fit. We use pictures of the jerseys we own, and compare them to regular t-shirts so that you have a better idea how they are truly sized.
  • Are Hockey Jerseys Supposed to be Big? – In this article we discuss whether or not hockey jerseys should be big. Many fans choose to layer their jerseys over their normal clothes. Will that work for you?
  • Fanatics Breakaway Jersey Review – The Fanatics Breakaway jersey is my favorite NHL fan jersey. It is a replica jersey, meaning it is more affordable than the authentic jerseys. Even though it lacks a few of the premium details that the authentic jerseys have, in my opinion its combination of quality and price point make it the best jersey option for most fans.
  • Adidas Authentic Jersey Review – This review takes a look at the most premium NHL fan jersey: the Adidas Authentic. These jerseys are the closest you will get as a fan to wearing what the players wear on the ice. Check out the pictures in this article to see if you think the premium details are worth the cost.
  • Adidas Practice Jersey Review – The Adidas Practice jerseys are alternate-style fan jerseys that look different than the standard team jerseys. Because Adidas does not have the replica contract, these Adidas Practice jerseys allow Adidas to offer a more affordable jersey option to fans opposite of the Adidas Authentic jerseys.
  • What Size NHL Jersey to Buy Girlfriend – If you are shopping for a jersey for your girlfriend or wife, this guide helps you better understand the sizing needed. There is only one type of women’s jersey available for NHL fans. You will need to decide whether to buy a men’s version or a women’s version of a fan jersey.
  • What is a Breakaway Jersey? – In this article we take a detailed look at the Fanatics Breakaway jersey to discuss it sizing and features, but also discuss where it fits in relation to other NHL fan jerseys. The Fanatics Breakaway jersey is my choice for best fan jersey.

MLB Jersey Articles

  • How Do Nike MLB Jerseys Fit? – In 2020 Nike took over control of the MLB apparel contract from Majestic. In this article we examine how the new Nike MLB jerseys fit, and how they compare to the Majestic jerseys before them.