Nike NBA Therma Flex Showtime Hoodie Review (How Mine Fits)

This is a Nike NBA Therma Flex Showtime Hoodie Review. Nike has several types of hoodies and jackets. This is where you can see the current version pf the Nike Therma Flex Showtime Hoodie (affiliate link takes you to

The Nike Therma Flex Showtime Hoodie hit the NBA back in 2017 when Nike got the NBA apparel contract. The therma flex hoodie is a first-of-its-kind jacket.

When Nike got the NBA contract, they noticed a void in warm-up gear for NBA players, so they created the Therma Flex Showtime warm up jacket.


The Nike Therma Flex Showtime hoodie gives the players something that doesn’t restrict movement, but also allows them to layer and stay warm when needed.

To make the hoodie comfortable and flexible, Nike created a new type of material called “Therma Flex” that lays flat against the skin and is soft to the touch.

In this NBA Therma Flex Hoodie review, I will explain to you how my therma flex hoodie fits, including pictures of the hoodie that I own.


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Nike NBA Showtime Hoodie Review: Sizing and Fit

In this part of the Nike NBA Therma Flex Showtime Hoodie Review we will discuss both the fit and the sizing of the therma flex hoodie. Let’s start by discussing how the hoodie fits.

Nike Therma Flex Showtime Hoodie Fit

The Nike Therma Flex Showtime Hoodie fits true to size. It has a more tailored, athletic fit than other standard off-the-rack jackets do, but it is not so slim that you will need to size up.


Overall, there is plenty of length. I am 6’3″ tall and own a size medium, and the medium has plenty of length even at my height. It also has a droptail for added length in the back

The sleeves on the Nike Therma Flex are fitted and not obnoxiously baggy like some jacket sleeves can be. Even though the sleeves are fitted, they are not extremely tight (they don’t restrict movement at all) and can be easily adjusted and moved up the forearm.

The cuffs have elastic in them so that the sleeves will hold in place once you slide them up the arm.


The material for the Nike Therma Flex is 92% Polyester and 8% Spandex. This stretch blend allows for complete freedom of movement. You feel very little (if any) resistance from the jacket when you move and use your arms.

The chest has a slim, athletic fit, but not super tight. It is a comfortable fit through the chest and the material does not feel tight against my chest at all, even though the overall fit is slim through the chest.


The stomach area is a bit more baggy. It is not extremely loose, but there is some room built in there for the pockets (this jacket does have two pockets – more on pockets later).

The scuba hoodie is stretch fabric and slides comfortably over the head. It is not super tight, but it does fit much closer to the head than standard jacket hoods do.

You can feel the hood against the top of your head and your ears. The hood does not have a drawstring (doesn’t need one to stay in place).

The front of the therma flex hoodie is full-zip, and the zipper will come all the way to the tip of the chin when fully zipped. It’s close enough you can actually dip your chin behind the zipped closure if needed.


Overall, the jacket has a slim, athletic, lightweight feel to it. It does not feel heavy when worn. As we discussed earlier in the article, Nike created an entirely new type of material (called ‘therma flex’) to meet the needs of the NBA players who were looking for a lightweight, flexible, and versatile warm-up jacket (source).

The jacket is very soft too the touch (not fuzzy like fleece), and as I mentioned above, it is not heavy against your skin.

This jacket can provide you that extra layer of warmth you might need on a cool night, but isn’t so hot and heavy that it restricts you from doing other things. For us non-NBA players, it is a nice spring and fall gym jacket.

The jacket also has built-in side waistline zippers that allow you to loosen the fit around the waist if needed. If you are an active person who might exercise with this jacket, this feature may be a benefit:


In summary, here are your 3 main takeaways as far as fit for the Nike NBA Therma Flex Showtime Hoodie:

  • Athletic Fit – The therma flex hoodie has a slim, athletic fit and is not baggy like many standard off-the-rack jackets, but isn’t so slim that you will need to size up. It fits true to size.
  • Comfort – The therma flex hoodie has a lightweight and soft feel to it that does not bother my skin.
  • Freedom of Movement – The stretch fabric allows you to use your arms and move your body without being restricted by the jacket.

Nike Therma Flex Showtime Hoodie Sizing

  • This is where you can access the official size chart for the Nike Therma Flex. That affiliate link will take you to the therma flex product page at, then above the available sizes you should see a link to the official size chart.

The official size chart is a good place to start for sizing, but sometimes the size charts are generic. Here are the measurement that I took on the size medium that I own – again, these are not official measurements, just the measurements that I took myself (with photos):

  • Front length (from top zipper) size medium – 28.5 inches
  • Back length (from top zipper) size medium – 30.5 inches
  • Chest length size medium – 20 inches

Here is my medium therm flex compared to a medium Hanes undershirt straight out of the package:


Nike NBA Showtime Hoodie Review: Features

As discussed earlier in the article, the Nike Therma Flex Showtime Hoodie is a first-of-its-kind warm-up jacket, designed to give NBA players a warm-up hoodie that could give them a layer of warmth without restricting movement and hindering their ability to get shots up and get loose prior to tip.

To make this happen, Nike had to create this jacket with unique functionality. It needed a hood without drawstrings, sleeves that allowed movement, texture that didn’t cause irritation, and other unique qualities that added versatility.


This is where you can browse the total collection of Nike Therma Flex Showtime hoodies at to see if it is available in your favorite team (affiliate link takes you to

Here is a look at the features of the Nike Therma Flex Showtime Hoodie that make it unique and versatile.


  • Stretch material that doesn’t restrict movement (92% Polyester/8% Spandex)
  • Scuba style hood that fits to head without drawstring
  • Side zippers that allow you loosen the jacket around the waist for even more freedom of movement
  • Elastic cuffs that allow you to slide the sleeves up the arm
  • Stitched on team logo over left chest and stitched on NBA logo on right arm sleeve
  • Versatile pockets including two standard side pockets, a zippered pocket, and two pockets on the inside of the jacket (photos below)
  • Nike’s first-of-its-kind therma flex fabric that sits soft against the skin but also helps manage your body’s temperature
  • Layered warmth: Long sleeve, hooded, full front zip, with zipper that goes to bottom of chin.
  • The Nike therma flex is machine washable

Nike NBA Therma Flex Showtime Hoodie Review: Photos

Here are photos of the Nike Therma Flex hoodie that I own. It is a size medium, and I am 6’3″ and weigh 200 pounds.



You can see it has an athletic fit, but not too tight. Very comfortable to wear and does not restrict movement. I have plenty of length with a size medium, but again, I am 6’3″. I think for most people the length will be fine (not too long), but it is definitely not short in length.



The therma flex hoodie does have a droptail, which means it does run a bit longer in the back (approximately 2 inches longer).



The scuba-style hood does not have a draw string and is somewhat snug, but not super tight. The zipper comes up to the base of the chin. The hood has mesh paneling that runs along the back for ventilation.



The team logo on the left chest and the NBA logo on the right arm sleeve are both stitched on. The Nike Logo on the right chest is heat-sealed onto the garment and is not stitched.



A look at the hidden zip pocket located inside the right pocket, a good place to store keys and other essentials.


A look at the pouch pocket located on the inside of the jacket. Both sides of the jacket have a pouch pocket. My therma flex jacket has two outside pockets, one zippered hidden pocket inside the right outside pocket (pictured above), and then the two pouch pockets on the inside of the jacket.

Nike NBA Therma Flex Showtime Hoodie Review Summary

The Nike NBA Therma Flex hoodie is a versatile, lightweight jacket that is perfect to wear as a gym jacket, especially during the spring and fall months. It has an athletic fit, with stretch material that keeps the fit from restricting movement.

The scuba-style hood does not have a drawstring and fits snug to the head. The jacket is not intended to keep you warm on a winter day. It is a lightweight jacket to layer with on a cool day or night. The material is very comfortable to wear and does not irritate my skin at all.

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Where to Buy NBA Therma Flex Hoodies?

Click here to buy the Nike Therma Flex Showtime hoodie at is the official online shop of the NBA, so you can buy with confidence knowing you are not getting scammed.

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