Cleveland Guardians Progressive Field Fan Guide [2022 Info]

This is a guide to Cleveland Guardians Progressive Field. Going to a baseball game can be fun, but it is also a unique experience that you will want to plan for accordingly. There are certain policies and procedures you will want to be aware of beforehand, as well as stadium gate and parking lot locations for easy entrance.

In this article we will discuss:

  • What to bring to a Cleveland Guardians Game
  • Cleveland Guardians Ticket Information
  • Progressive Field Gate Information
  • Does Progressive Field Accept Cash?
  • How Long are Cleveland Guardians Games?

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*** has no affiliation with the Cleveland Guardians or MLB. This article is to serve as a helpful resource for fans trying to attend Progressive Field. For all official information, we encourage you to contact the Guardians directly. This is where you can view the contact information for the Guardians.

What to Bring to a Cleveland Guardians Game?

If you are going to a Cleveland Guardians game, below is a list of things you might need to bring. You will want to make sure you are complying with any security protocols the stadium has:

  • Clear Stadium BagMany stadiums have strict bag policies and recommend a clear stadium bag like this one available at Amazon (paid affiliate link takes you to
  • Weather and Sun protection – Progressive Field is an open-air stadium, which means you will want to be prepared to face the elements when you attend a Cleveland Guardians game. Things like sunscreen, hats, jackets, and rain ponchos may be needed depending on weather forecasts.
  • Bug Repellent – Because Progressive Field is open air, bugs may be an issue during summer. Just make sure your bug repellent meets stadium safety guidelines for aerosol cans.
  • Noise-Canceling Headphones – Stadiums can get very loud, and noise-canceling headphones may be needed for toddlers.
  • Baseball Glove – Some fans like to bring a baseball glove to the stadium in hopes of catching a foul ball.
  • Camera – Some fans like to bring a camera into the game. Just make sure your camera meets the stadium requirements regarding cameras and video recorders.
  • Cashless Payment – Many stadiums are slowly transitioning to cashless payments, so bringing a form of payment other than cash is never a bad idea.
  • Power Bank for Phone – Baseball games can last over three hours, and bringing a power bank to charge your phone on site may be needed.

Can You Bring a Bag Into Progressive Field?

As an emphasis on security has increased in recent years, most stadiums have adjusted their bag policies. Many stadiums recommend using a clear stadium bag like this one available at Amazon (paid affiliate link takes you to

Clear stadium bags help with security at the gate, and not only make the stadium safer, but also help security lines move faster. But each stadium has its own safety guidelines, and may include certain exceptions. To read more, I would advise you to visit the Cleveland Guardians information guide.

Cleveland Guardians Ticket Information

Can You Buy Tickets at Progressive Field?

Yes, you can buy Cleveland Guardians tickets at the stadium, but only as long as supplies last. That said, for reasons we discuss below (like sellouts, lines, etc), many fans choose to buy their tickets online before they go to the game.

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The Guardians’ main ticket office at Progressive Field is located on the west side of the stadium (view) at the corner of Larry Doby Way and Ontario Street down the leftfield line. You will see several windows with a “Tickets” sign.

To read more, visit our article about buying Guardians tickets at Progressive Field.

What Are The “All You Can Eat” Seats At Progressive Field?

The All You Can Eat seats at Progressive Field is a certain section in the stadium that you can rent out with anywhere from 50-400 people depending on the location. These locations are not only private, but they also include an “all you can eat” amenity as well as a private bar.

These seats are by group reservation only and can not be reserved by one person.

Issues with Buying Guardians Tickets at the Stadium

If you are choosing to buy Guardians tickets at Progressive Field, there are a few risks and annoyances you will want to consider.

  • Sellout – This is the big one. As we mentioned above, some Guardians home games do sellout. Walking up and buying tickets at Progressive Field might not always be an option. But even though the games sell out, that doesn’t mean you can’t get tickets. It does mean you may need to use a ticket broker, like Vivid Seats, that sells aftermarket tickets (fan-to-fan).
  • Convenience – When you buy at the stadium, you will have to abruptly choose your seats while standing at the front of a line. Depending on the length of the line behind you, this may make you feel rushed when choosing where to sit. Buying online allows you to take as much time as needed to choose your seats and price.
  • Ticket Lines – Be prepared, waiting in line is a possibility if you choose to buy at the stadium. The overall wait can obviously fluctuate depending on the specific circumstance, and may be relatively short for some games. But a wait is possible.

Cleveland Guardians Progressive Field Gate Information

Progressive Field gates open 60 minutes prior to game time for games Sunday through Thursday, and 90 minutes prior to game time for games on Friday and Saturday. Progressive Field has three main gate entrances conveniently located around the outside of the stadium.

Depending on where you park, and where your seats are located, one entrance might make more sense for you than the others. To read about the location of each, and what parking lots make the most sense for you, visit our Progressive Field Gate Guide.

Fans can enter early to watch batting practice once stadium gates open. For more information, visit our article about watching Guardians batting practice at Progressive Field.

How Long Does a Cleveland Guardians Game Last?

You can expect a Cleveland Guardians game to last slightly over three hours on average, but it is worth noting that some games can last closer to four hours depending on pace of play. In 2021, the average Major League Baseball game lasted 3 hours and 10 minutes (source).    

The length of games has become a point of emphasis for Major League Baseball as many fans site pace of play as one thing they’d like to see improve with the sport. In recent years, Major League Baseball has taken steps to help shorten the length of games, but the effectiveness of these measures is still under evaluation.

Major League Baseball games consist of nine total innings, with the exception of double header games which are only 7 total innings in length. If you are heading to Progressive Field, planning for a 3-4 hour game is probably the safest bet. To read more, visit our article about the length of baseball games.

Does Progressive Field Accept Cash Inside the Stadium?

Yes, Progressive Field does accept cash inside the stadium. But it is important to note that many MLB stadiums, including Progressive Field, are encouraging fans to use cashless payments as much as possible to help increase the safety of fans and employees. Policies like this can change quickly, so contacting the Guardians before you go to the ballpark is your best option.

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