Explanation of How Washington Wizards Parking Works [Tips Guide]

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The Washington Wizards have only a limited amount of parking available on site at the arena (usually used for VIP reserved parking). Most fans will need to use one of the many public parking garages located within short walking distance of the arena. In this article, let’s explore some of the most popular Washington Wizards parking options.

These are the most common ways to get parking for Washington Wizards games:

  • Purchase a parking spot on parking sites like ParkWhiz or SpotHero. Capital One Arena partners with SpotHero (click here to learn more).
  • Purchase a parking pass from an online ticket broker site like Ticketmaster, StubHub, or Vivid Seats (click here to learn more).
  • Pay for parking on site in one of the public parking garages near the arena.
  • Use Public Transportation or Rideshare. Capital One Arena has several designated Uber Zones located near the arena (learn more).

Capital One Arena does have a parking garage connected to the arena (called the Lexus Garage), but this garage is most often used for VIP and reserved parking. However, the Capital One Arena parking page does have a link to a form that fans can fill out to learn more about parking in the Lexus Garage. But for most fans, this Lexus Garage won’t be a parking solution.

Therefore, you will need to use one of the public garages (or lots) located near the arena. These other garages are privately operated and are not operated by the arena. Pricing will vary, but is *usually* in the $15 – $40 range depending on garage. This is where you can see a list of some of the most commonly used garages near the arena.

Although you can pay on site when parking at many of these public garages, reserving a spot in advance can really reduce hassle on gameday. Let’s start by discussing the best ways to buy a Washington Wizards parking pass.

Where to Buy a Washington Wizards Parking Pass

You can reserve a Washington Wizards parking pass through parking sites like ParkWhiz or SpotHero (among others). Capital One Arena partners with SpotHero, and you can reserve a parking spot through SpotHero by visiting the Wizards parking page.

You can also purchase a parking pass through online ticket brokers like Ticketmaster, StubHub, and Vivid Seats.

If you wish to visit the box office in person for advice, the main ticket office at the Capital One Arena is located on the southeast side of the arena on F Street just west of the intersection with 6th street (learn more).

It’s important to understand that the public parking garages located near the arena are not controlled by the arena. However, the arena does operate one garage that is connected to the north end of the arena (called the Lexus Garage). Let’s discuss that next.

Washington Wizards Lexus Garage Parking

As I mentioned earlier, there is a limited amount of parking that is actually controlled by Capital One Arena inside the Lexus Garage. The entrance to the Lexus Garage is located on 6th Street along the east side of the arena. This is what the entrance to the Capital One Arena Lexus Garage looks like.

You must have a parking permit to park in this garage. If you are interested in parking in the Lexus Garage, the arena parking page advises fans to complete the arena contact form (view this form).

This garage is used for VIP and reserved parking. For general parking, it would be best to stick with using SpotHero or an online ticket broker to reserve a parking spot.

Washington Wizards Parking Options

There are several lots and garages near the arena that you can use for parking. While it is recommended to buy a parking pass ahead of time, there are many private lots that allow you to buy spaces on-site (as well as street or metered parking).

Here is a list of some of the most popular parking options near the arena:

How Much Does Washington Wizards Parking Cost?

The cost of parking near Capital One Arena will vary by event and by lot. In general, many private lots and garages cost in the $15 to $40 dollar range to be reserved in advance.

Washington Wizards Parking Contact Info

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