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This is a guide to the Indianapolis Colts home stadium (Lucas Oil Stadium). Going to a NFL game can be fun, but it is also a unique experience that you will want to plan for accordingly. There are certain policies and procedures you will want to be aware of beforehand, as well as stadium gate and parking lot locations for easy entrance.

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In this article we will discuss:

  • What to bring to a Colts Game
  • Indianapolis Colts Ticket Information
  • Lucas Oil Stadium Gate Information
  • Best Place to Park at Lucas Oil Stadium
  • Does Lucas Oil Stadium Take Cash?
  • How Long are Indianapolis Colts Games?
  • Where is the Colts Team Store?

What to Bring to an Indianapolis Colts Game?

If you are going to an Indianapolis Colts game, planning ahead is always important. Below is a list of things you might need to bring, and you will want to make sure you are complying with any security protocols the stadium has:

  • Clear Stadium BagNFL stadiums have strict bag policies and recommend a clear stadium bag like this one available at Amazon (paid affiliate link takes you to Make sure to verify the size dimensions meets the size standards for Lucas Oil Stadium.
  • Reserve Parking – Many stadiums recommend fans to pre-purchase parking passes if needed to help avoid the hassle and wait times associated with buying passes at the stadium. Click here to view the current prices of Indianapolis Colts parking passes and tickets available at Vivid Seats (paid affiliate link takes you to
  • Weather ProtectionLucas Oil Stadium has a roof, so facing the elements at a Colts game is not as big of an issue as it might be at other NFL stadiums. Still, depending on where you park, you could be facing a 15-20 minute walk to the stadium, so dress appropriate.
  • Cashless Payment – Many stadiums are transitioning to cashless payments, so bringing a form of payment other than cash is a good idea.
  • Noise-Canceling Headphones – Stadiums can get very loud, and noise-canceling headphones may be needed for toddlers.

Can You Bring a Bag Into Lucas Oil Stadium?

As an emphasis on security has increased in recent years, NFL stadiums have adjusted their bag policies. There are strict regulations regarding the types of bags allowed inside a stadium. The NFL recommends fans to use clear stadium bags like this one available at Amazon (paid affiliate link takes you to

Clear stadium bags help with security at the gate, and not only make the stadium safer, but also help security lines move faster. But each stadium has its own safety guidelines, and may include certain exceptions. To read more, I would advise you to visit the Lucas Oil Stadium information guide.

Indianapolis Colts Ticket Information

Buying Colts Tickets

Yes, you can buy Colts tickets at the stadium, but only as long as supplies last. That said, because NFL games usually sellout, it is very difficult to buy tickets at the stadium on gameday. Buying in advance is almost always necessary.

You can buy your tickets directly from the team’s website, but once the game is sold-out, you will need to use the secondary ticket market, where you can buy Colts tickets that are being re-sold. For these types of tickets, I like to use Vivid Seats because they show me what my view from the seats will look like prior to purchase.

  • Click here to view Indianapolis Colts tickets available at Vivid Seats (affiliate link takes you to

If you wish to speak to the ticket office in person, the Lucas Oil Stadium Ticket Office is located on the street level on the southeast side of Lucas Oil Stadium (view). Please note that as of this year, due to health and safety concerns, many NFL ticket offices are working remotely, or with reduced hours. Contacting the Lucas Oil Stadium ticket office via phone or email in advance to confirm office hours is recommended.

Please remember that NFL stadiums have adopted mobile ticketing in an attempt to reduce the risk of ticket fraud. To learn more about how the Colts mobile ticketing works, click here.

To read more, visit our article about purchasing Colts tickets at the stadium.

Lucas Oil Stadium Gate Information

Lucas Oil Stadium gates open two hours prior to kickoff for Indianapolis Colts games. Lucas Oil Stadium has four main stadium entrances located conveniently around the exterior of the stadium.

To read more about the location of entry gates, visit our Lucas Oil Stadium Gate Guide.

Best Place to Park at Lucas Oil Stadium for Colts Games

The first thing to understand about Indianapolis Colts parking is for the lots on-site near the stadium, there will be both a lot name, and a parking entrance gate number. For example, you can access the Lucas Oil Stadium South Lot by passing through Lucas Oil Stadium Gate 6 Parking Entrance.

Another thing you must know is that the number of Lucas Oil Stadium Parking Lots (meaning the lots controlled by the stadium itself) are limited. But there are approximately 73,000 parking spots in and around downtown Indianapolis that can be reserved through sites like SpotHero (more on that later).

Because these lots are not controlled by Lucas Oil Stadium or the Indianapolis Colts, prices and payment methods can vary. Some lots may need to be reserved in advance, while other lots may be first-come, first-serve pay on-site.

  • Buy Prepaid Parking if Possible – Buying a parking pass in advance can help you avoid the hassle of buying at the stadium, and allows you to reserve a spot in a parking lot that makes the most sense for you. This is where you can view the current price of parking passes available for Colts games at Vivid Seats (paid affiliate link takes you to
  • Gainbridge Fieldhouse Parking – Gainbridge Fieldhouse (home of the Indiana Pacers) is located about a 10-15 minute walk from Lucas Oil Stadium and has several parking options located around it that are usually in a reasonable price range.
  • Research Parking Options – Downtown Indy’s website has a parking map that is very helpful in finding parking options in and around Lucas Oil Stadium. Not only can you locate the lots available on the map, you can click through to the lot or garage to find out more information like cost and operation hours. Click here to check out that Downtown Indy parking map for Indianapolis Colts games.
  • Farther, Cheaper – Like most stadiums, the farther you are willing to walk, the cheaper the prices get. Obviously, there may be exceptions to this, but that is a general rule that applies to most lots. But one convenience of parking farther from the stadium is it often makes it a bit easier to get out of downtown Indianapolis after the game.

To read more about lots and options, visit our Indianapolis Colts Parking Guide.

How Long Do Indianapolis Colts Games Last?

You can expect an Indianapolis Colts game to last slightly over three hours on average, but it is worth noting that some games can last closer to 3.5 hours (or longer) depending on pace of play. In 2021, the average length of an Indianapolis Colts game was 3 hours and 5 minutes.

In 2021, the longest Indianapolis Colts game lasted 3 hours and 33 minutes, and the shortest Indianapolis Colts game lasted 2 hours and 55 minutes. The main takeaway is most Indianapolis Colts games last slightly over three hours, but there are exceptions both ways.

To read more, visit our article about the length of football games. 

SOURCE: Pro Football Reference Gamelogs

Where is the Colts Pro Shop?

There are several retail shops located around Lucas Oil Stadium, but the main Colts Pro Shop is located on the northeast side of the stadium near the intersection of South Street and Capitol Avenue (view). You can use the Lucas Oil Stadium northeast entrance to access the Colts Pro Shop.

If you are shopping for Colts fan gear, you can also do that online. This is where you can view Colts gear available at (paid affiliate link takes you to If you want to read more about the different types of Colts fan jerseys, visit our Colts jersey guide.

Does Lucas Oil Stadium Accept Cash Inside the Stadium?

Lucas Oil Stadium does not accept cash inside the stadium. Cash-to-Card kiosks are located around the stadium if guests need to turn cash into prepaid cards (source).

Lucas Oil Stadium Contact Info

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Need Tickets or Parking Passes? – I like to use Vivid Seats because they show me what my view from the seat will look like prior to purchase. Click here to view Indianapolis Colts tickets and parking passes available at (affiliate link takes you to

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