NFL Nike Limited Jersey Review (How Mine Fit with Pictures)

This is a Nike Limited Jersey review. If you are interested in buying NFL fan jerseys, you have several options. Quickly, here’s what you need to know (affiliate links take you to

  • Nike Legend – The Nike Legend is unique compared to other NFL jerseys. It fits almost like a standard t-shirt, and is more affordable than other jerseys. I was a bit shocked how much I liked the fit. True to size. Lightweight, and easy to wear. Click here to view the Nike Legend jerseys at is the official online shop of the NFL.
  • Nike Game – The Nike Game jerseys are popular fan jerseys due to price point. They have the true look of a jersey, but are replicas, which means they are a bit more affordable than premium jerseys. Relaxed fit, but true to size. These jerseys are a good option if you are looking for a Nike jersey on a tight budget. Click here to view the Nike Game jerseys at
  • Nike Limited – The Nike Limited Vapor jerseys are my favorite jersey. Vapor style has clean front with seams converging in back. Sits flat against body. This jersey has stitched numbers and graphics. Awesome jersey, with a great fit and some premium finishes. More affordable than the Elite authentic jerseys. True to size. Click here to view the Nike Limited jerseys at
  • Nike Elite – These are the authentic NFL jerseys, and the closest you can get as a fan to wearing what the players wear on the field. The fit will be slimmer than other jerseys, mimicking the athletic fit of the players’ jerseys. The Elite jerseys have all the premium finishes, including stitched graphics and authentic paneling. Click here to view the Nike Elite jerseys at
  • NFL Pro Line Jersey – The NFL Pro Line Jersey is not made by Nike. It is a more affordable replica jersey, which might be a nice option if you are on a tight budget. This jersey has a baggy, loose fit, and you may need to size it down. Click here to view Pro Line jerseys at

I actually own and review 6 different types of NFL jerseys. This is the jersey type from that I recommend as best fan jersey – in my opinion it has the best combination of fit, comfort, style, and price (affiliate link takes you to

Buying an NFL jersey can be a bit frustrating because you have several choices, all of which fit a bit different. If you are in the process of buying an NFL jersey, you might have come across the Nike Limited jersey and are now looking for a Nike Limited jersey review.

Here’s the good news: After reviewing all the jersey types, the Nike Limited Vapor jersey is my choice for best fitting NFL fan jersey (we explain why below). In my opinion you will not need to size up or down for the Nike Limited Vapor jersey.


We also have a buyer’s guide that will help you determine which jersey is right for you. Visit our article: NFL Jersey Buyer’s Guide.

NFL Nike Limited Jersey Review: Four Things to Know

After reviewing the Nike Limited Vapor jersey, here are 4 quick things you should know about this jersey and how it fits:

  • My Choice: The Nike Limited Vapor is my choice for best fan jersey. In my opinion it is the best combination of fit, comfort, and pricing, and has enough premium finishes to make it more than just a basic jersey. In this review article I will highlight the main reasons why I chose the Limited Vapor jersey as my favorite.
  • Pricing: This is the current price of the Nike Limited jerseys at (affiliate link takes you to The Nike Limited jersey tier is the second-best tier of fan jersey Nike offers (when it comes to having the same finishes as the true on-field jerseys the players wear).
  • Fit: The fit is true to size and in my opinion will likely not require you to size up or size down. I would consider this a regular cut that isn’t too loose or too baggy. To read more, visit our article NFL Limited Jersey Sizing.
  • Vapor Untouchable: Vapor Untouchable is a jersey type introduced by Nike in 2015 and debuted by NFL players at the 2016 Pro Bowl. Vapor Untouchable jerseys were designed, in part, to reduce the amount of panels that existed on the jersey to ultimately reduce the amount of grab points for players.

The Vapor Untouchable jerseys are designed in a unique way that allows the paneling to converge in the middle of the back, allowing the rest of the jersey to lay flat. For us fans, this means it lays flatter against the body, which is nice. This is a significant reason why the Nike Limited Vapor Untouchable is my favorite jersey.

NFL Nike Limited Jersey: Where it Ranks as a True Replica

As I said in the section above, in my opinion, when you factor in everything from price to fit to jersey construction, the Nike Limited Vapor is the BEST fan jersey to buy in 2019.

But how close is it to being an authentic jersey? Here is where it ranks compared to the other Nike NFL jerseys regarding how true of an on-field replica it is:

1. Nike Elite – These are the authentic jerseys. They have the exact specifications of what the players wear on the field including mesh jersey paneling, tackle-twill sewn graphics, flywire collars, and an athletic, snug fit. The Nike Elite jersey has a regular version and also has a Vapor Untouchable version (my recommendation is the Vapor Untouchable version over the regular Nike Elite due to comfort – to read more check out my Nike Elite Vapor jersey review).

2. Nike Limited – The Nike Limited is the next step down from the Nike Elite when it comes to design. In my opinion, it still has enough premium finishes to make it feel premium, but also has a better overall fit and price point than the Nike Elite jersey. The Limited still includes sewn-on graphics.

3. Nike Game – This is a more budget-friendly option from Nike. It has screen-printed graphics and does not include the premium on-field finishes like flywire collars and stretch jersey paneling. Depending on your budget, though, the Nike Game offers a more affordable way to rep your favorite team and players.


NFL Nike Limited Jersey Review

**This is my review of a Medium Nike Vapor Limited Jersey that I own, including pictures, fit and sizing. I am 6’3″ and weigh 200 pounds. In my opinion, the Nike Limited Vapor is the truest fitting NFL fan jersey**


The Nike Limited Vapor jersey is the best fan jersey to own in my opinion. After owning all 6 types of fan jerseys, probably the thing that sticks out to me the most is how much these 6 types of jerseys truly do differ among fit and size.

This was a bit surprising to me as I anticipated the overall fit of all the Nike jerseys to be somewhat similar, but it really does range from a loose fit to a snug fit, with the Nike Limited jersey falling in the middle, offering a regular fit that isn’t too big or too small.

Probably the biggest thing that affects the fit and sizing of the Nike NFL jerseys is the fact that the material and paneling does change between jersey types. For example, the most premium Nike fan jersey (the Nike Elite), has on-field replica paneling that really affects how it fits compared to the Nike Limited and Nike Game jerseys.

Let’s start off this Nike Limited jersey review by talking about its size and fit of the vapor jersey that I own. I will include pictures to help you have a better understanding of what I am talking about.


Nike Limited Jersey Sizing and Fit


The Nike Vapor Limited jerseys have the truest fit out of all the available fan jerseys. It is described on the NFL Shop as “Not too slim, not too loose”, and in my opinion that is an accurate description.

(6’3″ 200 pounds size medium)


For reference, here I am wearing a medium t-shirt:


Overall, it fits very similar through the chest to a regular cotton t-shirt, and runs maybe an inch or two longer that a standard t-shirt. For someone tall like myself, that actually is a positive.

Even though the jersey is described on NFL Shop as being “relaxed through the shoulders”, I actually feel like this jersey is a little fitted through the shoulders (but not so much that it makes it too restrictive).

One complaint I have about most football fan jerseys is that the sleeves, at times, are just obnoxiously long. With some fan jerseys it feels like you’re wearing the sleeves of a jersey 2x bigger (like having a medium jersey with XL sleeves).

This may be what I appreciate the most about the Nike Vapor Limited is the sleeves are cut reasonably and don’t hang obnoxiously down to the elbow (and are decently fitted in comparison to other jersey types).

Nike Limited Jersey Features

Here is a list of some of the notable features of the Nike Vapor Limited Jersey that I have pictured in this article (remember, there are two types of Nike Limited jerseys, so if you chose to go with the regular version and not the vapor, there will be some differences).


Notable Features of the Limited Vapor:

  • Regular Fit: Not too slim, not too loose.
  • Machine Washable
  • Made with Nike Dri-FIT ® technology which helps wick away moisture
  • Material is 100% Recycled Polyester
  • Sewn-on Name Plate and Numbers
  • Metallic NFL Shield at Front Collar
  • Woven jock tag
  • V-neck, Tagless Collar
  • Heat-sealed graphics

As mentioned above, these features are specific to the Nike Vapor Limited jersey that I am reviewing. Other Nike Limited jerseys may have varying features, for example not all Limited jerseys are made with the Nike Dri-FIT technology, which is one reason I like the Vapor Limited version.

Nike Limited Jersey Pictures

Here is a look at the Nike Vapor Limited jersey that I own, and I also compare it to some other jerseys below so that you can see the difference.

Front Side


As you can see the front side has embroidered numbers, with the jock tag at the bottom right. Metallic NFL shield at the front collar. The collar is a V-Neck and is pretty stiff so stretching should not be much of an issue unless you overdo it.

Back Side


Again, just like the front it has sewn-on numbers and a sewn-on name plate. You can see the stitch lines that run across the middle of the back (another picture below). These seams did not bother me.

Front Patch


Embroidered Lamar Hunt patch unique to the Kansas City jerseys – also visible the metallic shield.



Good look at the V neck tagless collar and metallic shield. As I stated above, the collar is pretty tight and I don’t think stretching will be an issue unless you overdo it.

Name Plate


Clean looking name plate that is sewn on.



Another look at the name plate and numbers on the back, but also a good look at the seams that run through the middle of the back of the Limited Vapor jerseys. Again, as we discussed earlier in the article, the Vapor Untouchable jersey type was introduced by Nike in 2015 in part to reduce the amount of panels on a jersey. For us as fans, this allows the Vapor jerseys to lay flatter against our bodies, which is a plus (source).



Close-up look at the sewn-on numbers that are on the shoulders of the jersey.

Inside Out


A look at the jersey flipped inside out. It is in my opinion a very comfortable fit and none of the seams bothered my skin.

Nike Limited Jersey Review Summary

In summary, again, the Nike Limited Vapor is my recommendation for best fitting NFL fan jersey. The fit is not too baggy and not too tight. This is the current price of the Nike Limited Vapor jerseys at (affiliate link takes you to

The length is acceptable for taller people like myself (6’3″) and the sleeves are not obnoxiously long like some NFL fan jerseys can be.

As I stated in the article, you will likely not need to size up or down. This jersey has a regular fit that isn’t too loose or too tight.

Probably the thing that stands out to me about the Nike Limited Vapor is the comfort of the materiel (Nike Dri-Fit), and the absence of the awkward paneling that can ruin the fit of some of the other NFL fan jerseys.

Where to Buy?

Click here to buy your Nike Limited jersey at (affiliate link takes you to is the official online shop of the NFL – you can buy from them with confidence knowing you aren’t getting scammed. The Nike Limited Vapor jerseys are my favorite jersey.

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