Nike Swingman Jersey Sizing and Fit Guide (w/ pics)

This is a Nike Swingman Jersey Sizing Guide. The Nike Swingman jerseys are popular replica jerseys that have an athletic fit. If you are shopping for NBA jerseys, you have 5 options to choose from:

  • Fanatics Fast Break Jersey – This is an affordable replica jersey. It is produced by Fanatics and not Nike. If you are operating on a tight budget, I suggest checking it out. This jersey has a true-to-size, regular fit. Click here to view the Fanatics Fast Break jerseys at (affiliate link takes you to
  • Nike Swingman – This is Nike’s more affordable replica option. These are very popular among fans. Great option if you don’t want to pay up for the authentic jerseys. Slim fit, if you prefer baggy, I’d size up. Click here to view the Nike Swingman jerseys at (affiliate link takes you to
  • Nike Authentic – This is the most premium fan jersey you can own. They are near matches to what the player’s wear on the court. These jerseys have all the premium finishes, including stitched numbers and graphics. They have an athletic fit, and you might need to size up if you prefer a baggy fit. Click here to view the Nike Authentic jerseys at (affiliate link takes you to
  • Mitchell & Ness Swingman – Mitchell & Ness makes classic throwback jerseys. The Swingman version is the more affordable option, but these jerseys still have awesome quality, including stitched graphics on most jerseys. I describe this fit as comfortably slim. Not so slim that I recommend sizing up. Click here to view the Mitchell & Ness Swingman throwback collection at (affiliate link takes you to
  • Mitchell & Ness Authentic – These are the more premium throwback jerseys. In my experience, these jerseys had a very slim fit and I had to size up. Click here to view the Mitchell & Ness Authentic jerseys at (affiliate link takes you to Please understand that because Mitchell & Ness makes throwbacks for different eras, the details of each jersey may be different, including the fit.

I own all of those 5 types of NBA jerseys (and the therma warmups). Most NBA jeseys have a slim, athletic fit. To read more about how all the NBA jerseys fit, visit our NBA Jersey Size Guide. In this article we are going to focus specifically on Nike Swingman Jersey sizing.


Nike Swingman Jersey Sizing

What is a Swingman Jersey?

A “Swingman” jersey is a replica NBA fan jersey. A replica jersey is a jersey that has less premium finishes than the authentic jerseys (for example, the graphics are heat-sealed instead of stitched).

These lower production costs allow the jersey to be offered to fans at a lower price point than the authentic jerseys. This creates multiple price tiers for fans to choose from when buying a jersey.

This is the current price of the Nike Swingman jerseys at (affiliate link takes you to To read more about the details of the swingman jerseys, visit our Nike Swingman Jersey Review.

Nike Swingman Jersey Fit

The Nike Swingman jersey has an athletic, slim fit. I personally did not size up, but if you prefer a baggy fit, you may need to. Here I am wearing a size medium (6’3″ 200):


The size medium had enough length for me at 6’3″. Here is a look at my size medium Nike Swingman jersey compared to a size medium Hanes undershirt straight out of the package:


As you can see, it runs maybe just a touch slimmer than a standard undershirt. Again, if you prefer a baggy fit, you may need to consider sizing up.

The Swingman jerseys are very comfortable to wear, but just expect an athletic fit. As I said earlier, the size medium had enough length for me at 6’3″, but it is worth noting that the Nike Swingman jerseys do run shorter in length than the Nike Authentic jerseys.

Here is my size 44 Nike Authentic compared to my size medium Nike Swingman:


As you can see the, the Nike Authentic jersey is a couple inches longer than the Nike Swingman jersey. From a distance, they look quite similar, but overall the Nike Authentic jerseys will have many more premium finishes, like stitched graphics. To read more about the Nike Authentic jerseys visit our Nike Authentic Jersey Review.

Even though the Nike Swingman jerseys don’t have stitched graphics, they still are a nice way to rep your favorite player and team at a more affordable price point than the Nike Authentic jeseys. Here is a closer look at my Swingman jersey:

Nike Swingman Jersey Sizing Chart

If you are looking for exact measurements for the Nike Swingman jerseys, my advice would be to look at the official Nike Swingman Jersey Sizing Chart. This is where you can access the official size chart for the Nike Swingman jerseys at

Where to Buy Nike Swingman Jerseys

Click here to buy the Nike Swingman jersey at, which is the official online NBA Store (affiliate link takes you to Again, expect the Nike Swingman jerseys to have an athletic, slim fit. If you prefer a baggy, relaxed fit, you may need to size up.

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