Tailgating Resource Page

Tailgating is a big part of sports, and if you and your friends and family like to tailgate at the sporting events you attend, here are some of our helpful resources to make sure you have the best equipment and information to make your tailgating experience great.

Our Tailgating Resources

Best Tents for Tailgating – In this article we detail the best tailgating tents, including those for both small and large tailgates, and for those seeking weather enclosure walls to protect from the elements.

Best Tables for Tailgating – Are you looking for a portable table or two that you can use to hold food, condiments and other accessories? This is our article on the best tailgating tables for this year – #1 takes care of your trash problems.

Best Quiet Generators for Tailgating – Need to power a tailgate but worried about noise? Most open-frame generators are EXTREMELY loud and can ruin your tailgating experience (and annoy nearby tailgaters too). This is our list of super quiet generators so that you won’t have to worry about noise – our recommended generator on the list is on 51 decibels.

Best Coolers for Tailgating – Wanting to upgrade your cooler to better tackle the heat? Or perhaps you need a bigger cooler so that you can host more people? Our list has coolers of all sizes and recommends a YETI cooler in case you are looking to buy a premium cooler for your tailgate.

Best Portable Heaters for Tailgating – Has winter come? If you are worried about the sub-zero cold front bearing down on your next tailgate, check out our recommended list of portable heaters (that don’t require electricity). Our recommended heater can give off heat similar to that of a backyard fire pit.

How To Get WIFI at a Tailgate – Are you wanting to use smart devices or even a smart TV at your tailgate. In this article we explore your 4 best options on how to get WIFI at your tailgate – #1 option is likely easier than you think.

Tailgate TV Setup – Getting TV at your tailgate is a perfect way to take that pre-game party to the next level. In this article we explore your 4 best options, which range from satellite and streaming to using digital TV antennas.

Tailgate Satellite Setup – Portable satellites have come a long way over the last 5-10 years, and those technological advances have made them a perfect tailgating companion. DISH Network even offers pay-as-you-go month-to-month plans so you don’t get locked into a long contract. If you are interested in doing a deep dive into what it takes to get satellite at your next tailgate, read this article.