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This is a guide to Yankee Stadium. Going to a baseball game at Yankee Stadium is a bucket list item for many sports fans. In the sections below we discuss some of the most important information regarding the stadium.

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In this article we discuss:

  • Ticket Information
  • Stadium Information
  • Policies

What to Bring to a New York Yankees Game?

If you are going to a New York Yankees game, below is a list of things you might need to bring. You will want to make sure you are complying with any security protocols the stadium has:

  • Clear Stadium BagMany stadiums have strict bag policies and recommend a clear stadium bag like this one available at Amazon (paid affiliate link takes you to
  • Parking Pass – Purchasing parking in advance helps reduce hassle on gameday. Click here to view the current price of New York Yankees parking passes available at Vivid Seats (paid affiliate link takes you to
  • Weather and Sun protection – Yankee Stadium is an open-air stadium, which means you will want to be prepared to face the elements when you attend a New York Yankees game. Things like sunscreen, hats, jackets, and rain ponchos may be needed depending on weather forecasts.
  • Bug Repellent – Because Yankee Stadium is open air, bugs may be an issue during summer. Just make sure your bug repellent meets stadium safety guidelines for aerosol cans.
  • Baseball Glove – Some fans like to bring a baseball glove to the stadium in hopes of catching a foul ball.
  • Noise-Canceling Headphones – Stadiums can get very loud, and noise-canceling headphones may be needed for toddlers.
  • Camera – Some fans like to bring a camera into the game. Just make sure your camera meets the stadium requirements regarding cameras and video recorders.
  • Cashless Payment – Many stadiums are slowly transitioning to cashless payments, so bringing a form of payment other than cash is never a bad idea.

Yankee Ticket Information

Best Site for Yankees Tickets

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  • Ticketmaster – Ticketmaster has been around since 1967, and is a well-established ticket provider for live event entertainment, including MLB. Click here to view Yankees tickets available at Ticketmaster.

Can You Buy Tickets at Yankee Stadium?

The Ticket Office at Yankee Stadium is located near Gate 4 on the outside of Yankee Stadium behind home plate. As of this year, Yankee Stadium has adopted mobile ticketing and no hard tickets are issued. To learn more about how the Yankees mobile ticketing works, click here.

To read more about buying tickets at Yankee Stadium, visit our article Can you buy tickets at Yankee Stadium?

Yankee Stadium Box Office Hours

Yankee Stadium Box Office opens 2 hours prior to game time. The Yankee Stadium Box Office is only open on gamedays.

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Where is the Yankee Stadium Box Office Located?

The Yankee Stadium Ticket Office is adjacent to Gate 4 on the outside of Yankee Stadium. Gate 4 is located behind home plate, so enter via East 161st Street and Macombs Dam Bridge (view). You will see several stadium entryways near Gate 4 marked “Tickets”.

As I mentioned above, if you are needing tickets to the Yankees game, I like to avoid buying at the stadium and instead buy mine online from Vivid Seats. I like to use Vivid Seats because they show me what my view from the seats will look like prior to purchase, which is an advantage you don’t get when buying at the stadium. Click here to view Yankees tickets available at Vivid Seats (affiliate link takes you to

Where is Will Call at Yankee Stadium?

If you are picking up tickets left for you at will call, proceed to the outside ticket windows adjacent to Gate 4 (this information is via the official Yankee Stadium Information Guide linked at the bottom of the article). Again, as we mentioned above, Gate 4 is located behind home plate, so enter via East 161st Street and Macombs Dam Bridge (view). You’ll need a valid identification card that contains a photograph to pick your tickets up at will call.

How to Leave Tickets at Will Call Yankee Stadium?

According to the same Yankee Stadium Information Guide we just discussed above, Ticketed Guests who want to drop off will-call tickets may do so only on the date of the game scheduled to be played at ticket windows adjacent to the Yankees Team Store behind home plate in the Great Hall inside Yankee Stadium.

If you are dropping off will-call tickets, you will be asked to complete a ticket envelope and provide detailed information, including the first and last name of the person who you are leaving the tickets for, and the number of total will-call tickets involved. Those picking up the tickets from will call must sign to confirm tickets have been received.

Yankee Stadium Information

How Long Does a New York Yankees Game Last?

You can expect a New York Yankees game to last slightly over three hours on average, but it is worth noting that some games can last closer to four hours depending on pace of play. In 2021, the average Major League Baseball game lasted 3 hours and 10 minutes (source).    

The length of games has become a point of emphasis for Major League Baseball as many fans site pace of play as one thing they’d like to see improve with the sport. In recent years, Major League Baseball has taken steps to help shorten the length of games, but the effectiveness of these measures is still under evaluation.

Major League Baseball games consist of nine total innings, with the exception of double header games which are only 7 total innings in length. If you are heading to Yankee Stadium, planning for a 3-4 hour game is probably the safest bet. To read more, visit our article about the length of baseball games.

Where is the netting at Yankee stadium?

In 2018, the New York Yankees extended their netting in Yankee stadium all the way to the foul poles.  However, the netting is not the same height all the way down to the foul pole. 

Behind home plate, the netting is 20 feet high and then tapers down from there. Above the dugouts, the netting is 9 ½ feet high. From the dugouts, the netting is 5 feet above the railing, and as mentioned extends all the way to the foul poles in both right and left field.

The cords that make up the netting are about 1.2 millimeters thick, or about the thickness of a dime.  Many fans have commented that the netting is not much of an issue, but the poles supporting the net can cause some small amounts of visual disruption.

Where is Uber pickup at Yankee stadium?

There currently is not a designated drop off or pick up spot at Yankee stadium for Uber or any ride share app. Due to heavy crowds leaving the game, getting an Uber will be difficult. Most fans choose to take the Subway home from games. Here is what you need to know when thinking about taking an Uber to Yankee stadium.

When going to Yankee stadium, you can type in “Yankee Stadium” in the Uber app and it brings up the address to Yankee stadium.  This is nice, especially if you do not know the address to Yankee Stadium.  However, if you need the address it is 1 E 161 ST, The Bronx, NY 10451.

When requesting an Uber when leaving Yankee Stadium, do keep in mind there will heavier foot and car traffic.  This will make getting an Uber harder, and can lead to higher prices as Uber raises prices during times of higher demand. Finding a nearby business that is easy to locate might make the process simpler for you.

When you put in the request, Uber will ask you to confirm your pick up spot, and designate which street you want picked up, as you can see here in my Uber request.  This will direct the Uber driver which side of the stadium to go.


Here are some tips when trying to get an Uber in a crowded area like Yankee stadium without a designated spot:

  • Make notes on the request such as close by stores or restaurants and what color of shirt you are wearing.
  • Call the driver ahead of time and discuss any extra pickup details.
  • Walk to a less busy location, such as a nearby restaurant and set that as your pickup location.
  • Check the wait times before you are planning to get the Uber, as you might be able finish the game or walk to the location while you are waiting on the driver to arrive.
  • Monitor prices throughout the game to make sure prices are not “surging”.

You also may consider taking an Uber to the game and then taking the train/subway after the game.  While the trains may be busy as well, you will know the cost and wait times in advance and can make planning the rest of your day or night much easier.

Does Yankee stadium have a parking lot?

There is not a parking lot attached to Yankee stadium.  There is parking, however, within walking distance around the stadium. 

You have a couple options when it comes to parking for a Yankee game.  You can pay for parking in nearby parking garages or you can look for free parking on side streets around the stadium. 

While paying for parking is definitely less stressful and more reliable, it also is not cheap.  Free parking is definitely nice, but you will want to get to the stadium early to increase your chances of finding a spot.  In addition, you will want to be able to parallel park, as most if not all side street parking will require this skill.

What direction does Yankee stadium face?

Yankee stadium faces North East.  Home plate is in the West part of the stadium with the third base line running North and the first base line running South East. 

While organizations do not have to follow this guideline, MLB does recommend all stadiums to face North East. The reason for this is to increase shade to the fans as it gets later in the day.  Therefore, for an afternoon game, fans on the first base side will get increasing amounts of shade.

Does Yankee stadium have real grass?

Yes, Yankee stadium has real grass.  Yankee stadium currently uses Kentucky bluegrass.  With that said, teams do not grow the grass in the stadium like your yard, but buy it from a sod company. 

Organizations that go with real grass have many things to consider when choosing the grass they want.  Some of those things are:

  • Durability of the grass when being played on
  • If the grass can thrive in the climate
  • How often the grass will need re-sodded
  • How expensive the grass is
  • Does the grass stay “green” during the playing season

Teams do not have to replace the sod every year, as the sod is able to withstand the season for about 4 years.  Most teams allow concerts and other events to take place in their stadiums though, which often times can kill parts of the sod leading to the team replacing it every year.

Is Yankee stadium in the south Bronx?

Yes, Yankee stadium is located in South Bronx.  South Bronx is part of The Bronx, which is one of the five boroughs of New York City.  Some differentiate between the two because of the economic collapse of the South Bronx in the 1970’s.  As we discussed above, the exact address of Yankee stadium is 1 E 161 ST, The Bronx, NY 10451.

There are plenty of things to do in the area around Yankee stadium such as museums, gardens and the Bronx zoo.  There are also many popular and outstanding restaurants in the area.

Yankee stadium hot dog brand?

Yankee stadium sells Nathan’s Famous hot dogs.  Nathan’s Famous hot dogs have been a staple at Yankees games since the year 2000.  This seems fitting as Nathan’s Famous hot dogs and the Yankees are two of the famous traditions of New York. Nathan’s also serves crinkle-cut French fries, along with other options. 

Where is the Yankees bullpen in Yankee stadium?

Each stadium has two bullpens, one for the away team and one for the home team.  In Yankee stadium, the Yankee’s bullpen is located in right center field, below sections 201 and 202.  This is also below the video board in right center field.

The opposing team’s bullpen is located in left center field below sections 237 and 238.  This is located beneath the Franks’ Red Hot terrace in left center field.  There is also a video board in left center field that is located above the bullpen.

Does Yankee Stadium Have a Roof?

No, Yankee stadium does not have a roof that covers the entire stadium. It is an open-air stadium. You will need to prepare to face the elements when attending games at Yankee stadium. **To read about what you might need, visit our article What to Bring to a Baseball Game.

That said, on the upper deck, there is a small roof that overhangs the top parts of the upper deck sections. This roof does not provide total coverage for fans, but skirts along the upper parts of the grandstands, and does provide weather protection for the seats nearest the top of the stadium.

Is Yankee Stadium Covered?

As we just discussed above, Yankee stadium does not have a dome roof. It is an open-air stadium. There are, however, certain sections of seats that will be covered.

There are two types of covered seats at Yankee stadium. As we talked about previously, there is a small roof at the very top of the stadium that creates some covered seating at the upper parts of the grandstands. There is also covered seating in the lower sections, which are shielded by the overhang of the upper decks.

  • Parts of sections 405 through 434B will be covered by the small roof that skirts the top of Yankee stadium. Again, not all of the seats in those sections will be covered, but some will. These are the upper grandstand seats.
  • The upper parts of the 200 sections will be covered by the overhang from the 300-section seats on the deck above. There are also some 100-section seats near the outfield foul poles that have overhang protection from the deck above.

Yankee Stadium Policies

***Please Note: These sections are meant to be helpful resources for fans attending Yankee Stadium. As mentioned at the top, this website has no affiliation with the New York Yankees or Major League Baseball. MLB policies are subject to change, and may have changed since the last update to this article. Please visit for all official information.

Can You Smoke At Yankee Stadium?

Smoking is not allowed in Yankee Stadium. There are no designated smoking areas inside of Yankee Stadium, and re-entry to the stadium is prohibited. This means you can’t leave the stadium to smoke in the parking lot either.

Smokeless tobacco is also prohibited from use at Yankee Stadium. Violators of the tobacco policies will be ejected from the stadium.

Can You Vape at Yankee Stadium?

No, you cannot vape at Yankee Stadium. Just like smoking, the use of electronic cigarettes is not allowed inside of Yankee stadium.

Can You Bring a Bag Into Yankee Stadium?

Yes, you can bring a bag into Yankee Stadium, but it must be compliant with the current MLB bag policy. A soft-sided bag that is no bigger than 16 inches by 16 inches by 8 inches is allowed into the stadium. ***Bag policies may be ammended by MLB at any time – checking with MLB before attending is advised.

MLB does not currently have as strict of bag rules as the NFL or PGA, but using a clear stadium bag like this one might help reduce the amount of issues you encounter at the stadium gate.

Can You Bring a Backpack Into Yankee Stadium?

In general, yes backpacks are allowed into Yankee stadium as long as they meet the bag requirements we discussed earlier (must be soft-sided, no bigger than 16 x 16 x 8in). Remember, MLB and the Yankees reserve the right to change bag policies at any time, so checking with MLB before attending never hurts to make sure policies have not changed since this article was updated.

But even though backpacks are allowed, you’ll need to make sure the contents of your backpack are in compliance with MLB policies and Yankee policies. The Yankees have very realistic security policies that, in my opinion, should be applauded. They know a large number of fans may be coming straight from work, and overall their policies are very fair.

Can You Bring a Diaper Bag into Yankee Stadium?

Yes, you can bring a diaper bag into Yankee stadium as long as the size of the diaper bag matches current stadium guidelines. Also, the diaper bag needs to be a soft-sided bag.

Can You Watch Batting Practice at Yankee Stadium?

Yes, you can watch batting practice at Yankee Stadium. The official time that batting practice is held can fluctuate, but in general, most MLB teams begin batting practice roughly two and a half hours before game time. Typically, batting practice lasts 45 minutes per team.

Gates themselves will open only 90 minutes prior to the sceduled start of the game, so only part of batting practice will be available to fans. Road teams usually have batting practice last. In general, usually about 30-40 minutes after the gates open, batting practice concludes, and the field is prepared for the game.

For more information, visit our article that discusses watching batting practice at Yankee Stadium.

Can You Bring a Baseball Bat into Yankee Stadium?

No, baseball bats are not allowed into Yankee Stadium. Despite the fact that some fans hope to get a baseball bat autographed by players, MLB does not currently allow bats into stadiums.

Can You Bring a Baseball Glove into Yankee Stadium?

Yes, you can bring a baseball glove into Yankee Stadium. Many fans like to bring a baseball glove in hopes that they can catch a ball that is hit into the seats.

Can You Bring an Umbrella into Yankee Stadium?

Yes, you can bring an umbrella into Yankee Stadium. In general, most stadiums ask that the umbrella not be sized so big that it obstructs the view of other nearby fans. So don’t bring a huge umbrella.

Can You Bring Sunflower Seeds into Yankee Stadium?

Yes, you can bring sunflower seeds into Yankee Stadium for individual consumption. Most MLB stadiums also have sunflower seeds available at certain concession stands throughout the stadium.

Can You Bring Sunscreen Into Yankee Stadium?

Protecting your skin is critical if you will be spending all day exposed to the sun. Can you bring sunscreen into Yankee Stadium?

Yes, you can bring sunscreen into Yankee Stadium. But it is important to note that aerosol cans are not permitted into Yankee Stadium, so spray aerosol sunscreen will not be an option.

Can You Bring Water Into Yankee Stadium?

Bringing water with you to a game can help you save a bit of money on concession prices, and also help you stay hydrated in the heat. But is it allowed? Can you bring water into Yankee Stadium?

Yes, you can bring water into Yankee Stadium as long as it meets stadium requirements. These are the three requirements for your water bottle if you want to bring it into Yankee Stadium:

  1. It must be factory-sealed (unopened).
  2. It must be a clear, plastic bottle.
  3. It must be 1 liter or smaller.

When do Yankee Stadium Gates Open?

Yankee stadium gates open 90 minutes prior to the scheduled start time of the game. Gate 2, Gate 4, Gate 6, and Gate 8 are the main entry gates to Yankee Stadium.

If you are interested in buying Yankees fan gear, visit our Yankees Jersey Guide.

Yankee Stadium Contact Info

This website ( has no affiliation with Yankee Stadium, the New York Yankees, MLB, or any of the events hosted at this facility.

Any information is provided “as is” with no guarantee of completeness, meaning much of this information is subject to change, and although we do our best to keep these guides updated, we can’t guarantee accuracy at all times. For all official information, we urge you to contact the team or Yankee Stadium staff. Contact information is below:

***For more information regarding the Yankees, visit the Yankee Stadium Information Guide from by clicking here.

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