Types of NFL Fan Jerseys 2023 (with Pictures of How Mine Fit)

In this article we discuss the different types of NFL fan jerseys. Before we dive into deeper detail, let’s just quickly discuss the different types of NFL jerseys you have to choose from (affiliate links take you to NFLShop.com):

  • Nike Legend – The Nike Legend is unique compared to other NFL jerseys. It fits almost like a standard t-shirt, and is more affordable than other jerseys. I was a bit shocked how much I liked the fit. True to size. Lightweight, and easy to wear. Click here to view the Nike Legend jerseys at NFLShop.com. NFLShop.com is the official online shop of the NFL.
  • Nike Game – The Nike Game jerseys are popular fan jerseys due to price point. They have the true look of a jersey, but are replicas, which means they are a bit more affordable than premium jerseys. Relaxed fit, but true to size. These jerseys are a good option if you are looking for a Nike jersey on a tight budget. Click here to view the Nike Game jerseys at NFLShop.com.
  • Nike Limited – The Nike Limited Vapor jerseys are my favorite jersey. Vapor style has clean front with seams converging in back. Sits flat against body. This jersey has stitched numbers and graphics. Awesome jersey, with a great fit and some premium finishes. More affordable than the Elite authentic jerseys. True to size. Click here to view the Nike Limited jerseys at NFLShop.com
  • Nike Elite – These are the authentic NFL jerseys, and the closest you can get as a fan to wearing what the players wear on the field. The fit will be slimmer than other jerseys, mimicking the athletic fit of the players’ jerseys. The Elite jerseys have all the premium finishes, including stitched graphics and authentic paneling. Click here to view the Nike Elite jerseys at NFLShop.com.
  • NFL Pro Line Jersey – The NFL Pro Line Jersey is not made by Nike. It is a more affordable replica jersey, which might be a nice option if you are on a tight budget. This jersey has a baggy, loose fit, and you may need to size it down. Click here to view Pro Line jerseys at NFLShop.com.

This is the jersey from NFLShop.com that I recommend as best fan jersey (Nike Limited Vapor) – in my opinion it has the best combination of fit, comfort, style and price (affiliate link takes you to NFLShop.com). I would suggest checking those jerseys out before you make a final decision.


When you set out to buy an NFL fan jersey, you are presented with a lot of different types of NFL jerseys which range significantly in price, design, and size.

DO NOT expect all types of NFL jerseys to fit the same. Want visual proof? Here is the medium Pro Line jersey I own sitting underneath a medium Nike Legend jersey I own:


That is a significant size difference despite both being size mediums. In this article I will discuss the main types of NFL fan jerseys, give you a brief description of each, and then link you out to other resources for each jersey (including my own personal reviews of the jerseys I own). Hopefully at the end of this article you have a better idea of where to go to get the jersey that is right for you.

You can also view all of our jersey review and comparison articles by visiting our jersey resource page. We also have a buyer’s guide that will help you determine which jersey is right for you. Visit our article: Best NFL Jersey to Buy.

Types of NFL Jerseys

Again, I will discuss each type of NFL jersey briefly, giving you a bit of an idea how it fits and what to expect. There is a significant difference in the price of some of these jerseys.

The prices change throughout the year (and can very from jersey to jersey) so I cannot give you an up-to-the-minute official price, so instead I will link to the official jersey page on NFLShop.com for each jersey so that you can click through and view current price.

Throughout the article I will post pictures of me wearing NFL jerseys. For reference, here I am wearing a medium t-shirt (6’3″ 200):


NFL Pro Line Jersey


The NFL Pro Line jersey is the one type of NFL jersey not made by Nike, so don’t expect a Nike logo on this jersey. The strength of this jersey is that it is a budget-friendly way to rep your favorite team.

This is the current price of the NFL Pro Line jerseys at NFLShop.com (affiliate link takes you to NFLShop.com). Price may change over time, so click through that link to get the current pricing information.

This jersey fits VERY baggy, so much so that I personally recommend sizing down unless you like a very loose-fitting jersey. Perhaps if you are hoping to layer underneath your jersey for cold weather the extremely loose fit will do you a favor to provide more room for hoodies and jackets etc.

Because this jersey is a budget-friendly option, it does not have the premium finishes of some of the Nike jerseys, like sewn-on names and numbers, stretch-panel construction, and flywire collars. If you want to read more about the details of the Pro Line jersey, click on the following link for my Pro Line Jersey Review.

Nike Legend Jersey


I had no idea what to expect when I bought my Nike Legend jersey. Unfortunately, at the time, I couldn’t find a good Nike Legend jersey review online (mine is linked further down below if you are interested).

I was actually shocked how much I liked the Nike Legend jersey. I really liked how it fit, and the price is very reasonable too. This is the current price of the Nike Legend jerseys at NFLShop.com (affiliate link takes you to NFLShop.com).

Here’s what you must know about the Nike Legend jersey: it is more of a shirt/jersey hybrid – a shirsey. I hesitate to call it a shirsey because most shirseys are made with cotton and the Nike Legend jersey is made with polyester, so even though it is built like a shirsey, the polyester material still gives it that jersey feel.

I really likes the way the Nike Legend fits. In fact, it was my favorite jersey as far as fit and comfort are concerned.

My favorite fan jersey is the Nike Limited Vapor once you factor in other things like design etc, but if you just factor in only fit and comfort, I thought the Nike Legend was the best. Here is a look at a medium Nike Legend on me (I am 6’3″ and 200 pounds):


The Nike Legend does not have premium finishes and, again, is more of a jersey/shirt hybrid, but this is a really cool option in my opinion. I don’t think the Nike Legend gets as much credit as it deserves for being a cool way to rep a player.

The downside of some fan jerseys is the fact that jerseys can fit a bit awkward at times (too loose). The strength of the Nike Legend is it avoids this problem since it is more of a shirsey.

The sizing is VERY comparable to a regular t-shirt and you don’t have to worry about obnoxiously over-sized sleeves or huge, baggy shoulder areas like some jerseys have. The Nike Legend has my recommendation if it fits what you might be looking for.

This is where you can buy the Nike Legend jersey at NFLShop.com (affiliate link takes you to NFLShop.com). To read more, check out my Nike Legend Jersey Review.

Nike Game Jersey


The Nike Game jersey is one of the three main types of Nike fan jerseys (Nike Game, Nike Limited, Nike Elite). When you hear fans discuss types of Nike NFL jerseys, it is usually in regards to one of those three types of jerseys.

Of those three jerseys, the Nike Game is the most budget-friendly. This is the current price of the Nike Game jerseys at NFLShop.com (affiliate link takes you to NFLShop.com).

Here’s what you need to know regarding the Nike Game jersey:

  • It has a loose, relaxed fit, but not so much that it demands you to size down. I consider it true-to-size, but a relaxed fit.
  • Because it is more budget-friendly than the other types of Nike jerseys, it also has less premium finishes. This jersey will have screen-printed names and numbers.

We discussed the Nike Legend earlier where I said it fits more like a shirt than a jersey. That is not the case for the Nike Game – the Nike Game fits like a jersey.

If you are working on a budget, but don’t like the shirsey style of the Nike Legend, then the Nike Game might be the one for you. The loose fit may create extra space so that you can layer underneath in a cold-weather environment.

Click here to buy the Nike Game jersey at NFLShop.com (affiliate link takes you to NFLShop.com). To read more, check out my Nike Game Jersey Review.

Nike Limited Jersey


The Nike Limited jersey is a step up from the Nike Game jersey and begins to offer some premium finishes like sewn-on names and numbers and different types of material.

This is the current price of the Nike Limited jerseys at NFLShop.com (affiliate link takes you to NFLShop.com). These jerseys fit true to size and are my favorite type of jersey.

There are two types of the Nike Limited jersey: the regular Nike Limited jersey and the Nike Limited Vapor Untouchable jersey. These two jersey do have different price points.

To check out some of the specifics of the regular Nike Limited jersey, click on this link to view an example of a Nike Limited jersey at NFLShop.com (affiliate link). For this section, however, I am going to focus the majority of my attention towards the Nike Limited Vapor.

The Nike Limited Vapor Untouchable is my personal recommendation for best fan jersey due to its combination of fit, comfort, quality, and price point. Here is a look at the Nike Limited Vapor on me (size medium 6’3″ 200 pounds):


The Limited Vapor is just really comfortable to wear. It has a slimmer fit, but not so slim that I needed to size up. It is made with Nike Dri-Fit technology which makes it very comfortable.

I feel like the Limited Vapor is sized just right through the chest, shoulders, and sleeves. If you’ve read any of my jersey reviews you will know that I think sometimes jerseys are made with sleeves that are way too big. The Nike Limited Vapor Untouchable jersey gets its sleeves sized just right.

The Limited Vapor also offers a few premium finishes like sewn on names and numbers and a metallic NFL Shield at the front collar. Overall, it is a great fan jersey.

Click here to buy the Nike Limited jersey at NFLShop.com (affiliate link takes you to NFLShop.com). To read more, visit my Nike Limited Vapor Jersey Review.

Nike Elite Jersey


The Nike Elite jersey is made with the exact specifications of what the players wear on the field. This gives you an opportunity to own a true authentic piece of fan apparel.

This is the current price of Nike Elite jerseys at NFLShop.com (affiliate link takes you to NFLShop.com). These are the authentic NFL jerseys, and are not cheap.

Just like the Nike Limited above, the Nike Elite also has two versions: the regular Nike Elite and the Nike Elite Vapor Untouchable. These two version have significant differences, including price. To read in depth about the differences, visit our article Elite vs Vapor.

The Nike Elite jerseys have an athletic fit (especially the Elite Vapor jersey). Both the regular Nike Elite jersey and the Nike Elite Vapor Untouchable jersy have premium finishes like sewn-on names and numbers, numerical sizing, stretch fabric, and premium collars.

But there are significant differences in these jerseys. Here are some of the differences:

  • The Nike Elite Vapor has fitted sleeves that have elastic cuffs that run much shorter than the regular Nike Elite sleeves. Here is a look at my Nike Elite Vapor sitting on top of my regular Nike Elite (both size 40):
  • The Elite Vapor jersey does run a bit slimmer through the chest and stomach area, but because the material is a stretch blend, it does not (in my opinion) make the jersey uncomfortable. I do not think sizing up is needed for the Elite Vapor unless you hate slimmer fits. Here is a look at that size 40 on me, layered (I am 6’3″ 200 pounds):
  • The regular Nike Elite jersey has more paneling. Of course this is done to mimic the authentic version the players wear, but the paneling does create a bit of extra space in the chest area just because of how it fits. I do not recommend sizing down as I still feel like it fits true to size, but just expect a bit of room in the chest. You can see the chest area panel on my jersey here:
  • The fit of the Nike Elite Vapor is smoother than the fit of the regular Nike Elite in my opinion mainly due to the fact that the Elite Vapor does not have all of the paneling that the regular Elite does. The Vapor Untouchable jersey type was released by Nike a few years ago, in part, to reduce the amount of panels so that there would be less grab points for players. The Vapor Untouchable jerseys are created in such a way where the paneling converges in the middle of the back. This allows the jersey to lay flat in other areas:

If you look closely above at my Nike Elite Vapor jersey, you can see where the paneling converges underneath the numbers on the back of my jersey. I fully recommend the Vapor version over the regular version due to how it fits.

Click here to browse through the Nike Elite jerseys at NFLShop.com (affiliate link takes you to NFLShop.com). To read more, view my Nike Elite Vapor Untouchable Jersey Review, or if you are interested in the regular Nike Elite, you can check out my Nike Elite Jersey Review.


There are many types of NFL jerseys available that have significant differences in price and quality. If you explore, you should be able to find one that matches what you are looking for.

As I mentioned above, this is my favorite type of NFL fan jersey (Limited Vapor) – affiliate link takes you to NFLShop.com. Also, to read all of my jersey review and comparison articles, you can visit our jersey resource page by clicking here.

If you are interested in throwback jerseys, those are made by Mitchell & Ness (how do Mitchell & Ness NFL Jerseys fit).

Where to Buy NFL Jerseys?

NFLShop.com is the official online shop of the NFL. I always recommend buying from a reputable source when searching for NFL jerseys, especially if you are wanting to pay up for an authentic Elite jersey.

If you can’t shop locally, buying from NFLShop.com is a nice solution. You can buy from them with confidence knowing you aren’t getting scammed. Click here to shop for NFL jerseys at NFLShop.com (affiliate link takes you to NFLShop.com).

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